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08.03.2009 Feature Article


For two decades Ghana have been divided by one man.(FLT,LT,Ex PRESIDENT JERRY JOHN RAWLINGS).for the simple reason of politics and 99% of Ghanaian's will do worse than jj and koffour combine when they are elected leader of a country.The simple fact is Politics is corrupt from America to only worse here because the leaders act like children when they see all the power they command,and that's no surprise.

Lot of people say he came and took away their lively hood,that true but then again is politics,the former prime minister of Ireland brought in the smoking ban in Ireland,lot of people lost their jobs and pubs that have been in the family for hundreds of years have to close down,The tax man took away houses,money,cars,holday homes etc,from people he thinks did not got thier money the right way,they have got over it and moving on,but we Ghanaian's like to drag things on and add thier own.Rawlings is surely not a saint but like Nkrumah,Busi a,Achempong and kuffour they have one thing in common. they have GHANA in mind.

Ghana have been lucky to have people like these and with every young democracy the books will be re-written over and over again because we learn from our mistakes.JJ have guided our country that we enjoy now from all the bad things that have happen in Africa (CIVIL WAR).when lot of our west African countries were killing each other we were enjoying our peaceful nation even though it was hard.

On the world worst dictators not one single ex Ghanaian leader was on the list but yet we treat our own ex leaders as criminals,Sudanese leader have been charge for crime against humanity but the same citizen may not have seen what all the world have seen,children dying,food shortage,butchering etc and yet they are standing up for their leader,it just goes to show how some of us Ghanaian's will never be content of who ever is in power.

Will the first Ghanaian who thinks he has not done a favour for a family member or a friend throw the first stone even though that brother ,sister or friend will not be the right person for the job,We are all learning from our mistakes and we have a long way to go in this young and fragile democracy.instead of helping build a country we keep going back 15-20 years ago and forget the future.The way we go on anytime we hear about Rawling should be a thing of the past,For crying out loud the guy still live in Ghana unlike ex Africa leaders,he does not even have a lo t of security around him so if he is that bad he will be hiding,yet he still travel to almost every country,now if he was that bad of a leader he could not do all that

My dear brothers and sisters Ghana is for our kids and the future,we don't want to end up in a civil war because you have a personal agenda dating back 20years ago with little or no fact,each and everyone of our ex leaders have done lot of good than bad so let us live them in peace,Mr Rawling,Mr Koffour and all the ex president thank you for helping mother GHANA

Archie Mensah
Archie Mensah, © 2009

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