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18.03.2009 Feature Article

JJ and Kuffour are HISTORY

JJ and Kuffour are HISTORY

Is been almost 60 days since the election was finish,8 years since JJ left his seat,So I'm begging all peace loving Ghanaians forget about JJ,and Kuffour,there is a whole lot to be done in ghana and those two ex presidents are history,gone,finito so lets move on.I don't really care who is in power I'm more worried about the tension the press and the media is bringing to the country,each and every one have their opinions about everything but you dont have the right to start unnecessary tension because you hate someone,JJ and kuffour live in Accra so if you have problems with them go and confront them and live the peace loving people of ghana in peace.Moreover ghana is not for Ga people, Akans, Ewes or dagonba so please stop talking ............and build one ghana.

We have a lot of important issues to tackle in ghana and we have let our greed take better of us,Listen to radio gold,joy FM,hot FM every morning and all they talk about is JJ,Kuffour and Mr president Mills,and now the UK Ghanaian radio stations a following suite.Yes we have to put pressure on the leader to do what he promise to do but not channel our energy to some ex president who are enjoying whatever they got through their presidency,I'm surprise the teachers and nurses are not fighting to get their delayed wages,our cities are so dirty you wonder how we live in ghana,you take a walk through Accra and you understand why people are still dying of curable disease like malaria and chorela

Hospitals are under staff,under paid and shortage of equipments in most general hospitals, police service is a joke and we still have time to waste on some ex president,we are preaching so much hate through our media is unbelievable,Akans,Ga`s, Ewe`s,and all the tribe in ghana are not for any party and will never be,All these nonsenses about some tribe forming their own country is a disgrace,look what happen in Rwanda when that idea came into their heads,Were will our children call home in a few years time with all this hate we are preaching.Lot of Ghanian's have not been directly affected by these two ex president but because of our mentality we fight for a loaf of bread"nonsenses".NDC or NPP dont pay our bills,feed our kids so why all these wahala for them.

Our constitution have to do some amendments and make it public to everyone in ghana,it should be printed in all the local languages so each one understand the constitution,thus stoping all this argument about this ex-Gratia.We ask for democracy in 17 years ago and still don't have a clue about democracy,we compare ourselves to the white man when it suits us but we forget they brought in democracy and they dont rule their countries by tribe or what party you belong to,they work together as a team irrespective of what party they belong to.Instead of moving foward we going backwards and is affecting the Ghanaians in Europe.Invitations for parties and funerals are now going out to political party members or tribe you came from in ghana,it a we have got to that level and is sick.

My brothers and sisters JJ and Kuffour will never be every-ones cup of tea and a tribe or party cannot build a country.What ever we do,how hard we shout we can never change what they have done but we can use the same energy to build a better ghana.

Archie Mensah
Archie Mensah, © 2009

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