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16.02.2009 Feature Article


My dear brothers and sisters of Ghana, We are so proud to be Ghanaian other African national leaving in the diaspora cringe when they hear we going home for holidays, not because they don't have a country to call home but were are they going to go. We hear and see conflict after conflict in so many Africa countries you will think Ghana is not on the Africa map well not until the 2006 world cup.

The very simple things we are taking for granted will come and hunt us(PEACE).We have enjoy so much freedom and respect for the last 20years we are taking that granted, let me remind you of Liberia in the early 90s,Rwanda,Congo,Burundi,ivory coast, sierra Leone,Nigeria.just to name a few, if you take a good look it was all religiously motivated and politics was used as a front. what is worse the UN or the develop countries cant do or want do any thing until after we have butchered ourselves, all because of what part of the country you come from or the tribe you belong to.

Now take a look at our country, the north have never been the same since the king died, the Ga clan is in mess, Is our duty as Ghanaians to make sure this don't get any further because if it does it affected each and every one. We are very proud to enjoy the rich festival of the different religious belief of all Ghanaians .We only have one Ghana, because our neighbours don't speak English and not as stable like Ghana. The Dagonma fight have now spread to agbogbloshie in Accra and yet still the politician are fighting over some ex Gracia.In times like this we look to our leaders to stand and be counted, but there are busy bitching each other.

Mr president, Ex president and former president, we voted for you to rule us, so we are asking you to stop this now before its gets out of hand, if you are still enjoying the benefit of ex president then you still owe the tax payer a service to the nation. Everyday since the election all we hear about is how to increase their bank balance, yet people are still living in fear, We know our traditional belief have it own rules that with all due respect have to be amended on how to pick the next king or ruler. It will be a long hard road but it can be done, democracy was not born in Africa but is working in Ghana and we are living proof.

The Rwanda Tutsi and hutsi fight started in 1969 before it flare up in the 1994 and it took only 3 months to kill 800,000 people,during that time there was UN and they have to live the country base were 2,500 innocent human being were butchered to death,so my brothers and sisters of Ghana this is our one and only land,we have come very far with democracy and the whole modernisation .Is time we take a look at our religious beliefs because ABOA BI BEKA WOA NE EFRE WATU ME MU.GOD BLESS GHANA

Archie Mensah
Archie Mensah, © 2009

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