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27.01.2009 Feature Article


I'm writing to the response on my other article, after digging deep into behavior of Christians in Ghana I can now enlighten on few things that make people to doubt our way of worship have gone to the extreme.

First of all Reverends, who preach the word of God to our dear nation Ghana, needs a 4 years college degree and a post graduate study in theology ,that gives you the right to preach the bible not in your own way but in the way is was studied, thus making all those who go beyond and scream to the church he can see something or hear something from the most high(GOD) a false prophet, and if you believe in the bible it says, there shall be many of these false prophet at the end. If there is a law to prosecute doctors, nurses and any body that have the trust of the public when they misused their position, there have to be a law to prosecute the non qualified pastors,reverend,deceons.

Ghanaians are very hard to convince when it comes to Christianity, you have to tread carefully not to lose your love ones i.e. Family and Friends, because what you say to them will be used to judge you for the rest of your life, worst of all they can tell you all your hard earn money you send to them through your cleaning job is the devils money. As a nation we are very narrow minded, we don't want to hear the truth and we put our life in someone that we cant even trace him back to his hometown let alone were he went to school know most of the so call big churches in Ghana and their owners, yes owners cant give you the right qualification for their names.(REV,PASTOR,DR. etc).flying to Europe don't qualify you for anything.

Ghanaians worship anything foreign so is no surprise some people in their churches take them to the cleaners, a great preacher don't make you a saint or pastor, and if that's is the case the great MANDELA will be a Saint and DR MARTIN LUTHER KING will be GOD because he had a dream and the dream just came through and no one gave him a penny. We have to start asking questions because that culture is spreading all over Europe within the black community, every on Sunday from the schools, back gardens, and the churches in Ghana,Europe,America,you have to were the best cloth money can buy to enter these churches and yet the very people who brought Christianity don't even go bother with all this let alone give the preacher their hard earn cash.

This is just moderning day 419,we don't complain because the HOLY BIBLE is been used, my dear brothers and sisters there is GOD, and he says every were we are he is there, you don't have to scream, throw your self down for him to hear you, he always answers my prayers when I pray quietly in my room, he protect me from evil and still keep my money, he guide me without me not even knowing, but have never ask me for a dime.

It will be wrong to say each and every church or reverend, pastor is the same, on the other hand I'm sorry to say majority of them are corrupt and criminal, people are afraid to speak their mind because are afraid of what Ghanaians will say, well the truth is now out there, the internet is a big place, you can Google your pastors and reverend and make sure he is qualified, because if you trust a doctor to prescribed you a medicine that you have not even heard you have to ask question about some who is telling you how to live your life.The bible have not been amended since the New Testament over thousand of years ago so why are we Ghanaians trying to worship in our own way and still thinks that is the right way, yes Africa is hard and man have to eat but don't used the illiterates mothers and fathers of our country to build your house in the name of GOD.THANK YOU

Archie Mensah
Archie Mensah, © 2009

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