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09.02.2009 Feature Article


The old adage which says charity begins at home is very true and there is no doubt that student leaders later become turns up to became National leaders.

The Student leaders are elected by their fellow student colleagues to represent them and negotiate on their behalf with School Administrators and the outside world.

After these Students are given the verdict to represent their fellow students they turn out to backfire their colleagues with the School Administrators with money and other material incentives in order to mute the student leaders to stand for the rights of their colleagues.

Today most student Politics are becoming a failure to the student body and the State as a whole because National Political Parties manipulates these Students by sponsoring them to become student Leaders in order to pursue their political interest at the expense of poor students ho are seeking their liberty.The most a poring among them is when School Administrators try to mute Student Leaders with favours and incentives to prevent them from advocating and promoting student activism to deny the poor students the accountability of the School's Administrators to them.Student Leaders don't need reelection back in to their office and with these notation they try to forget their responsibilities to their fellow students and they make all means to pursue their personal interest at the expense of poor students.During the campaign sessions of various campuses these to be student leaders tends to promise their a platform to fight for students right and promote student activism if they get the mandate to lead them,they immediately forget the promises made and turns up to become mouth piece of the School's administration to make life unbearable for students on campus.

If Student leaders do behave in these manners and become corrupt they move out of school to become national leaders who will corrupt and dishonest and make decisions that will pursue their personal interest instead of the electorate that gave them the mandate to lead the country.

The passing of the EX-Gratia bill is an example which shows that our leaders always pursue their personal interest because the good people of the Republic of Ghana gave power to Parliamentarians to make laws for us but came outside to tell us they did not see the bill before passing it and i believe that bill was passed because they knew their share in the ex-Gratia is huge and it made them to to scrutinized the bill before passing it out.If Ghana is to produce Honest and trustworthy leaders then it depends on how today's student leaders go by their activities.

A solution to these decay can be solved if Students bodies can check on their leaders and remind them of their responsibilities and also making sure they perform their duties to the student electorates.

The National umbrella of Ghana Students(NUGS) should sit up and stop the politicizing of their offices to pursue their personal interest. And also a strong warning signal to all Political Parties to desist from sponsoring Students leaders to befit their interest. There must be a free society for all.

George Sarfo Dwomoh, AMInstLM, ACMI
Email:[email protected]
Telephone: 0277756411/0241895892
George Sarfo Dwomoh is the Country Advocate of Student World Assembly a think tank that promotes students activism and global democracy.

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