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14.12.2008 Feature Article

It's Time to Stop the Insanity in Zimbabwe

It's Time to Stop the Insanity in Zimbabwe
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One of the Best Definitions of Insanity that I have ever heard states that Insanity is Repeating the same task over and over again and expecting Different Results. Currently the Situation in Zimbabwe is akin to such a thought.

The Cholera Outbreak that has Plagued the Country is Spreading across Borders Now. There are now report of Fatalities in Malawi and Cases are now reported in Botswana, South Africa and even in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Situation is so severe that Botswana has stopped importing Produce from Zimbabwe. There are no reports of this Illness impacting Zambia in anyway.

The Current US Ambassador to Zimbabwe has stated that the Country is on the verge of being a Failed State. Hospitals in the Capital of Harare are closed. Doctors and Nurses are on Strike for Better Wages. And Reports indicate that the Zimbabwean Government is unable to pay for the Chemicals needed to Properly Treat Water so Cholera doesnt take place anyway.

The Reaction by President Mugabe has been very similar to what he has said and done in the past. After stating that there is no problem with Cholera within Zimbabwe, He then Stated that the Country then "Arrested the Disease with the Help of Certain People." Currently the UN Places the Death Toll from this Outbreak at nearly 800 people. Hundreds of Thousands remain at risk from this Disease.

The Other Statement that the Government of Zimbabwe has stated was that this Outbreak was launched by Western Powers. The Said Purpose of this was to allow for an Invasion by Certain Countries so that Colonialism can be reimposed on the Southern African Country. Whenever there has been any form of Criticism leveled against the Current Zimbabwean Government this has been the standard rebuttal used.

The Inability to rein in this Outbreak can be seen as a Failure to Implement the much trumpeted Power Sharing Accord between ZANU-PF and the MDC Factions. The Inability to create a Government has Created a Power Vaccum in the Country that has had some Tragic Results so far. Political Violence and Hyperinflation are still increasing in the Country. So a push for the Power Sharing Agreement could occur.

Several Prominent Leaders have Openly called for President Mugabe to be Removed from Power. The Longer that this Crisis Goes on the More and More it looks like this may be the preferred Strategy. But there are several things to point out. First will Removing President Mugabe lead to new Elections or will it lead to Zimbabwe looking like Somalia? Secondly what will the Security Forces do? They have said in the past that they would no consider a Tsvangiari Government as Legitimate.

The Situation in Zimbabwe has had an effect on its neighbors. Whether it is the number of Refugees going into Botswana or South Africa. This Outbreak is a direct threat to Regional Stability. People have fled Zimbabwe in Search of Basic Medical Care and have taken this Disease Across Borders. There are several Agencies and Government Rushing Supplies and Teams to the Area to try and Contain this Outbreak. But what price is going to have to be paid to bring this to an end?

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