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23.05.2007 Letter

Nurses Must Treat Patients Well

Dear Editor, I would like to draw your attention to the appalling manner some nurses treat patients. Although not all of them behave badly quite a number of them lack compassion for their patients.

Some nurses shout at patients, instead of talking politely to them. They also do not give patients the necessary attention that they require.

Sometimes while patients wait to be attended to, some nurses sit and chat. I believe the high mortality rate we have in the country now can be the result of some of these things.

This is because sick persons are emotionally affected when nurses shout at them and that worsens their situation.

Nurses must learn to show a little more concern towards patients; that way even if the patient is in pain, psychologically he or she could feel better.

Richard Inkoom,

P.O. Box 237,

Cape Coast.

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