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21.05.2007 Feature Article

There Are more Questions Than Answers

Some members of our beloved company, Ghana Incorporated, are now confused about who is telling the truth that the life of one of us is in danger.

There are two gong-gong beaters who claim that there has been a plot to flush out a member of the Akatamansonian family. It is not clear for what reason this should be done. Iddrisu Haruna is the youth organiser of the Akatamanso union.

What is even disturbing is that Haruna is a “book-long man” and yet the learned man has not bothered to report such matter to the security officers to investigate it.

Well, he claimed that he did not have any details about the alleged plot to assassinate him, hence his loud silence.

He says he is entrusting the issue “in the hands of my maker”. He has also made it clear that he is not a mole for the Osono union.

A good number of members of staff are asking whether the gong-gong beaters have their facts right. Another question is how could some gong beaters sit down and concoct such plot and what benefit would accrue from it? To sell their papers or what?

Just as such plot is remote, it is also remote that some group of people who want political power will decide to hatch a plot to kill one of their own.

Far from being naive, I do not want to say some people in some companies have been eliminated because of union activities. Aldo Moro of the Mussolini firm was killed and put in his own car boot in the 70s.

Besides , some gong-gong beaters have been killed by agents of whoever thinks he is being harassed by a particular gong beater.

Taking away somebody 's life is not an easy task . Second, our game of union activities has not reached that point where elimination is the tool to achieve a purpose.

Consequently, even if somebody was a mole in a union, it is not likely that others would be compelled to plan and eliminate the so-called mole because of the way members of staff cherish the sanctity of life.

What is more, the person who is said be the target of the plot is an office holder in the union, so what will be the implication of such dastardly act for those who have confidence in him.

Another question is why has the gong beaters decided to keep their readers in seemingly perpetual suspense?

There are more questions to be answered. The reading members of staff want answers to clear the confusion galore.

Story By C. S. Buabeng

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