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12.05.2007 Feature Article


For some time now the Labour front in Ghana has witnessed a lot of unrest. To add to this some tertiary education students have issued threats to their authority which has brought some kind of insecurity among student and staff.

From what is happening some one might say there is a particular group of people behind the strikes and threats but whatever be the case there must be a permanent solution, if not temporary to all these because it does not in anyway augur well for our country ,economically.

Government is losing a lot from the striking force and this in the long run will affect we the citizenry of this country. The money to be used for construction of amenities and infrastructures is what we are losing and we would turn around to blame the Government for delaying in the provision of water, roads, and hospitals, what we forget is that we have lost billions of cedis due to the strike action.

I will like all Ghanaians to remember that in life workers are paid on two basis, for performance and for position, but looking at the state of our economy, we find that majority of people are paid on performance bases, it is just a few who are paid on position bases.

Taking a critical look at the civil service we notice that the output of work is too little for the workers to earn so much, the delay in service is a proof of how little their output at work is and yet they are the people who go on strike at the least dissatisfaction, meanwhile they are the people who do not priorities customer care and they delay customers so much that frustration sets in and customers give up.

Whatever be the case, striking forces should note that negotiations are the uttermost solution. They should bear in mind that anytime there is a strike we all loose.

Naa Okailey Tagoe.
Awoshie- Accra

Naa Okailey Tagoe
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