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01.04.2007 Feature Article


He is the only surviving ex- Head of State/ ex- President because he has killed most of his mates/ colleagues and that sometimes makes him feel he is still ruling Ghana. Rawlings is a lonesome fellow who does not have any one to share his sentiments, joy and predicaments of his almost 20 years rule.

It saddens my when I think about how unsafe he feels. He believe that he is being followed every where he travels. I am forced to believe that his past is really haunting him. Very soon it he to be brought to book and Ghanaians will listen with him with a cocked ear. All Ghanaians are hitching to know why he killed the 3 judges without trying them. Up till today he has not come out clearly as to why he committed such and abominable act.

To the best of my knowledge should know everyone should be and is responsible for every act they commit. Ghanaians are still in the dark when issues about the murder and killing of the judges, it is only one man who can enlighten us, he was the man of that time and we will all be grateful of he does tell us nothing but the truth.

He as been cruising in his lady of the night whilst he has broken some families and chattered people's dreams. I hope he is aware that there is a day of reckoning and that day is approaching.

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Naa Okailey Tagoe
Awoshie- Accra.

Naa Okailey Tagoe
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