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11.05.2007 Feature Article



Very soon our little brothers and sisters will be writing their examination, its outcome would determine their future career if not their fate. My heart goes out to these young ones who look scared, stressed out and less confident.

My two cousins who would be part of these examinations (West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (W.A.S.S.C.E.)) always complain about their friends whose parents have gone in for private teachers to help them complete the syllabus, but I always encourage them to study hard and concentrate on what they are taught.

Almost everyone had something to say about the recently out-doored New Education Reform. Many people have come to terms with the fact that the three (3) year Senior Secondary School Education was just not enough for the teachers to complete the syllabus hence the need for extra classes. But as much as extra classes are important in situations like these it does not mean the teachers should make it compulsory since it adds extra cost and it is not every parent or guardian who can afford it, also the teachers' way or style of teaching must not change especially teaching during classes hours should be done with all seriousness.

The many challenges that the Former Education System faces has called for changes and the thus the New Education Reform System. This system has many changes which are aimed at adding value to the students. What attracts me most is the extra year which has been added to the three years of Senior Secondary Education to make it four years thereby making extra classes optional rather than compulsory.

The names Junior Secondary School (J.S.S.) and Senior Secondary School (S.S.S) has become Junior High School (J.H.S.) and Senior High School (S.H.S.) respectively, as much as everybody is entitled to their opinions I am of the view that the change of name would make an impact and a positive one of course.

The challenges Ghana is facing with the three (3) years S.S.S. programme is the same with other West African Nations and they would follow the pace Ghana has set sooner or later. Students would be matured after they complete the S.H.S. programme, they would be able to work with certificates, they would have enough time to study moreover there would be no need for extra classes.

Naa Okailey Tagoe
Awoshie - Accra

Naa Okailey Tagoe
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