Wed, 22 May 2024 Feature Article

Ghanaians Let's Teach The NPP The Bitter lessons We Taught the NDC In 2016

Ghanaians Let's Teach The NPP The Bitter lessons We Taught the NDC In 2016

Another opportunity is here again for Ghanaian electorates to teach the political elites lessons taught the National Democratic Congress during the 2016 general elections.

The New Patriotic Party that benefitted from the massive defeat of the NDC have disappointed most of the electorates that gave them power.

The conduct of President Nana Addo and the NPP government is very strange and surprising a party that benefitted from the anger and hunger of the electorates that caused the massive defeat of the NDC, can be this disrespectful to the people that queue to elect them.

Ghanaians never expected president Nana Addo government to plunge this country into this deep abyss far, far deeper than what the NDC created. It is sad the current government did not learn from the mistakes of the NDC.

The impunity and insult by this ruling government on the citizenry is very disgusting. Ghanaians cannot fathom what is influencing Nana Addo's and his lieutenants to disregard the concerns of the populace.

President John Mahama was taught lessons he never expected in 2016, and President Nana Addo who criticized all the ills in John Mahama's administration and begged the electorates to try him, would turned to disrespect the very people he beg by talking down on them.

The unethical politics would come to an end when the electorates constantly visit their wrath on those ungrateful political elites by voting out such dishonest politicians. This would make them sit up and realize there is a renaissance of awakening electorates whom they can no longer take for granted anymore.

Ghanaians are waiting patiently to spew their hunger on the current government by angrily voting massively against them as a proof of resentment against the tyranny the new patriotic party administration subjected the people to.

The expectation of every Ghanaians was Nana Addo government would give the people of Ghana the best government the people want. Unfortunately the government of Nana Addo has sent Ghana's democracy back and have demoralized almost everybody to lose faith in Ghana,'s democracy.

It is so disappointing Nana Addo did not listen to all of the advice Asantehene Otimfuo Osei Tutu || gave him when he visited manhyia after he was swore into office. The Asantehene reminded president Nana Addo of Ghanaians anger and hunger that culminated into the massive rejection of president John Mahama 's administration.

It is worrying President Nana Addo could not keep faith with most of the things he said that influenced the choice the electorates made to elect him as the president

His conduct and attitude as president depict the mantra of our political elites yen tie obiara, to wit, they would not listen to no one.

Another opportunity confront the electorates on December 7th 2024 for them to give a decisive verdict on the non performing ruling government.The electorates are wild awake and would no longer tolerate the gimmicks of the ruling government that deliberately disrespected the citizenry, but expecting them to blindly fall for their deceptions.

The verdict of December 7th 2024 general elections would definitely change the trajectory of politics in Ghana. It is highly unconscionable for any political actor to think the electorates are gullible and docile, hence they can continue to manipulate them like toys, that era is fast coming to an end.

The world is expectant to see Ghanaians electorates once again show a verdict of massive rejection of the New Patriotic Party in the upcoming general elections.

The ruling government still have about seven months to demonstrate to the electorates that, they have learnt the lessons and are prepared to listen to the cry of the people and also have the capacity to alleviate the pain of the electorates.

Mike Kalley
Sociopolitical Analyst.