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The Sovereignty of Ghana Is Under Threat

The Sovereignty of Ghana Is Under Threat

The Almighty God has provided everything that would make Ghanaians comfortable and self sufficient, but bad governance, greed and corruption has rendered this great country into a begger nation

The time has come for Ghanaians to once again liberate themselves from the shackles of mental dominance from these imperialist, who have vow to keep the black people under subjugation.

These colonialist knew they can't survive if the black people are freed from the mental subjugation which the black race are currently subjected to, hence all their ploys to make the black man feel inferior.

These so called development partners needs Ghana more than Ghanaians needed them, why are they forcing something immoral which even animals abhors, it's because the political elites have sold themselves to these evil minded race for pittance, hence the disrespect and insult.

Are we not ashamed of ourselves as human beings in a country that has been blessed with so much of everything, and shamelessly going round with cup in hand begging for pittance after running down everything that the Supreme God has provided for the sustenance of all the good people of Ghana.

Ghanaians must accept whatever threat from these foreign partners and let's once again invoke the spirit that moved the founder of the Republic of Ghana Dr Kwame Nkrumah to make those bold speeches on independence eve, "that the Black Man is capable of running it's own affairs"

This threats of sanctions must stimulate the collective energies of all Ghanaians to put their shoulders to the wheel of emancipation of our country from the marauding claws of the bretton woods institutions

Latest example in the subregion is Niger, is it not surprising a country that was threatened with war, and draconian economic sanctions imposed on them, took their destiny into their hands and barely a year they have transform their economy as one of fastest growing economy in the world. Based on the progress being made by the Niger military junta, has rendered those sanctions ineffective, to the astonishment of the very leaders that conspired to inflict pain and anguish on the citizens of Niger. They have realized their mistakes and buried their pride by calling for a dialogue.

Ghana, God has given us everything and anything to make life very comfortable, therefore let's move from this dependent mode, and let's emancipate ourselves from this modern subtle colonialism.

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Started: 02-07-2024 | Ends: 31-10-2024