Tue, 16 Apr 2024 Feature Article

WAEC, Passed The Test

WAEC, Passed The Test

The notion that all state organizations lack the discipline of adhering to request made on them to provide information that are needed to aid research purposes or in furtherance of related investigations.

West Africa Examination Council is one of the organization that has received such negative reportage. A debate ensued between some parents whose children created an impression of their results in the recent WASSCE does not represent their true performance.

A parent suggested they request for their their children's scripts through the Right To Information (RTI) law, surprisedly he was chastised by the other parents and they laughed at him, going to chased the wild wind. He was assured nothing meaningful would come out that expected expedition.

He ignored all of the doubting voices and the negative comments about WAEC,and went ahead to request for the scripts of his ward through the RTI route and within 50 days a favourable response was received from WAEC.

It is very true most organizations deliberately refused or placed obstacles to deny access to information requested through the Right To Information (RTI) law.

It is appropriate to commend organizations that are executing their responsibility under the RTI law judiciously and the leadership of those recalcitrant organizations must be held personally liable for any breach of the law, and that would serve as enough deterrent to others.

West Africa Examination Council must be encouraged to do more by calling them out for commendation, and by so doing the negative labeling would automatically fades away.

Mike Kalley
Sociopolitical Analyst.