To save NPP from disaster, Bawumia must run with Bryan

Feature Article To save NPP from disaster, Bawumia must run with Bryan

Eight years ago, the New Patriotic Party(NPP) under the political supervision of Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo shrank away the Ghanaian electorate to its advantage and cruised to an easy and landslide victory in the 2016 general election.

The enormous goodwill and optimism that heralded the NPP into political office was totally and utterly uncompromising.

Now, after two successive terms in power, there is sentiment everywhere that speaks to the fact that the NPP is fast losing its mountain of support, demographic appeal and political creditworthiness.

Of course, the season of apparent peace and goodwill that the NPP enjoys has fast eroded and faded away, and the party’s legendary ability to survive serious scrapes and scandals has completely been exhausted.

Yes, I'd even say that the NPP's current relationship with the Ghanaian voter can be likened to a couple heading for divorce, and glaring at each other over the toast and where even the sound of the milk on the cornflakes is a source of irritation.

Even among the most ardent supporters and sympathisers, fatigue is creeping in. So much that, the NPP has lost it's compliant media which used to promote it's governing flaws and misdemeanours.

If you are doubt, check the results of the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, and the by-elections in Kumawu, Assin-North and Ejisu.

It is sad, exhausting and dreadfully demoralising that it has come to this, but here we are - At the current rate, it does appear that the NPP cannot survive the 2024 general elections - Yes, the party simply can't survive on the back of votes they're fast losing in droves.

In truth though, the malaise is more about NPP's own tactical shortcomings - And in fairness, Dr Bawumia has the chance to change the narrative for the NPP by narrowing down on a running-mate who will help restore the faith of at least some of the party’s own support base and give them something to hope for.

Objectively, the public appear to have seen enough of the NPP, and the only way to change the narrative is for Dr Bawumia to show voters that his party is worth a fresh hearing by delivering on a presidential running-mate that would offer the party political stability required to ensure victory in election 2024.

Whichever way you look at it, a party heading into a difficult election should not be floating ideas designed to alienate voters. Which is why is why the NPP needs to get off the merry go round and gets its posterior in gear.

Party folks and election watchers know all the caveats, to which I can add that, the only hope of the NPP avoiding the political abyss is to have an out-and-out campaigner on the ticket with Bawumia.

The Minister of Agriculture, Hon Bryan Acheampong readily comes to mind - He has shown time without number that there are still standards in public life, and proved himself a contender for the job.

Bryan's political journey from Abetifi as Member of Parliament to President Akufo-Addo's Cabinet not to mention his charismatic politics, and the unusual dynamics of the 2024 race set him apart from anyone else Bawumia might consider.

Think about his executive experience: eight years as MP, four years as Minister of state at the Ministry of Interior, two-and-a-half years as minister of Agriculture. No one else has that much executive experience, and it’s not just years, in his case. It’s what he has accomplished in those years that, I think, makes it impressive.

In a presidential race in which a sharper demographic considerations

appears to be the crucial battleground, Bryan Acheampong’s profile represents a welcome complement to Bawumia.

And oh yes, within the major Akan demographic swath stretching from Bryan's native eastern region to his royal lineage from the Ayensua Kokoo Asoma Abusua royal gate in

Offinso kayera in the Ashanti Region are fertile electoral areas representing massive votes that rate as potential tossups in the forthcoming general elections.

Additionally, Bryan’s successful business and political career and willing champion for the downtrodden could have an even more profound effect on Bawumia’s prospects in the forthcoming elections, while goodwill he has built up over the years as entrepreneur, and philanthropist

may provide additional boosts in electorally vital swing regions.

Bryan is a fighter and he can grab the attention of a lot of ordinary people, who genuinely think he is different breed of a politician.

Matter of factly, Bryan has the intellect, temperament, wisdom, and leadership ability to bring people together. I trust him fully to use his experience to make the right decisions and always put the interests of the people ahead of his own needs. He will also unleash fresh energy and bring on board decisive leadership.

Majority of Ghanaians are looking for change in electing our next president, but there is no agreement on what that change might look like. In my experience, there are two ways to create change: blow the system up and start over, or work diligently for change from within.

Real change is genuinely hard work and must come from within. This is where Bryan Acheampong excels. Everyone who has worked with him – people from both sides of the political aisle has come to admire his work ethic and his ability to create positive action. Bryan realizes change by working with all sides and across the aisle to reach compromise that serve the greater good. This kind of change is never glamorous but it is the only way to make meaningful progress.

Again, Bryan’s record of creating improvements in social protection and equality for all is exceptional - He could sway half the population - He has the potential, the right conservative ideas and self-confidence to do the job.

In all honesty, Bryan Acheampong is the most qualified and most experienced person ever to be linked to the job - He’s practical and actually knows how to get things done. He'd be great at anything, and certainly, he'd make a great vice president.

Serious leadership requires a commitment to addressing real challenges, not just playing to the extremes.

Bryan Acheampong has the experience to tackle pressing challenges. Give him the job and save the NPP from disaster in 2024.

I shall return
Dela Coffie