Fri, 17 May 2024 Feature Article

Ancestral Desecration

Ancestral Desecration

Years ago, I was one of those prayer leaders who used every opportunity to pray against my ancestors. In fact, I saw them as my number one enemy and possibly the reason for my life struggles and family woes. I felt ashamed to talk to or associate with them.

One day while sleeping, I had a life-changing dream. I saw a crowd of people whom I didn't recognize. I heard a voice saying, "These are your ancestors." When I looked, I saw some who had a striking resemblance to me. Some looked helpless, tired, and others were locked in chains. I felt so sad in the dream and wanted to extend a helping hand. I saw some with bruises and others who looked like wrestlers. In the dream, I realized they were people who had endured so much trouble on earth. After pondering that dream, I received these interpretations.

1. The dream was showing the true struggles and humiliation that our ancestors went through. Some had to fight to pave the way for us.

2. Our ancestors are not evil, as portrayed by the Church or some Christians. In every society, there are good people and bad people. It would be unfortunate to think that all your ancestors were evil.

3. I believe God wants us to stop disgracing our ancestors. If we keep using religion to embarrass our ancestors, in the next 160 years, our unknown descendants will also come and vilify us.

4. The popular song "Yen Nana nom som abosom" (Our ancestors worshipped a strange god) cannot be entirely true. This song has wrongly influenced many to denigrate their ancestors.

5. Just because our ancestors did not approach God in suits and with British grammar does not mean that they were idol worshippers.

6. These generations claim to serve God, but we may be the most rebellious generation that has ever lived. Stop disrespecting your ancestors and blaming them for something they had no idea about.

May God bless us and grant our ancestors eternal rest.