John Kumah is the best option to partner Bawumia to save the NPP.

Feature Article John Kumah is the best option to partner Bawumia to save the NPP.

It is trite that sentiments such as exhaustion with the cost-of-living crisis, apathy and indifference actually captures the state of Ghana politics today, and it is also why the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has lost its political capital.

To put it another way, popular dissatisfaction with the New Patriotic Party is in its all time high. And this is likely to crystallise into something awfully dramatic for the NPP in the forthcoming general election, unless of course the party do something unique in the selection of Dr Bawumia's running-mate to save itself from imminent political apocalypse.

As a matter fact, there is practical utility in having a presidential running-mate that compliment the ticket and makes it winnable.

Tellingly, the deficit for NPP goes well beyond matters of personnel and this is exactly where Dr John Kumah’s persona comes into play as a selling point for the NPP.

A self-made political player and devotee of conservative values, Dr John Kumah is regarded as one of the NPP's fastest-rising stars. The NEIP CEO-turned-deputy Finance Minister became the first of the 2020 intake of MPs to reach ministerial level. He's currently polling well among the NPP grassroots, who voted him first most preferable candidate to partner Dr Bawumia in an online poll.

Since entering national politics, Dr John Kumah has concentrated on making the NPP more widely appealing and marketable - His life could be likened to the famous “egg principle”: that even one egg for sale should be carefully guarded because losing it meant the loss of one's entire profit in that venture.

Over the course of his political journey, Dr John Kumah has gone from minor curiosity to credible player, with vast political credit worthiness and goodwill.

In this context, a look at the development of Dr John Kumah’s character reveals discipline, integrity, responsibility, prudence, excellence and a positive impact on society.

The striking thing about Dr John Kumah over the last few years is how effective he has been in getting the job done in all the portfolios that he has handled - He believes Ghana's problems need solving and he has shown the way in more ways than anyone could ever attempt.

As Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme(NEIP), it is a known fact that Dr John Kumah managed the resources of the institution judiciously and paid more attention to things of value like offering young entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business ideas.

Again, John Kumah took his know-how and resilience to Ejisu as its member of parliament, and to the Finance Ministry as deputy Minister.

Among his achievements as Member of Parliament are extensive road construction, livelihood support for vulnerable people, education endowment support and massive infrastructural development for his party and constituents.

Additionally, his resolve also ushered in a rebirth of education and improved health care facilities in Ejisu constituency.

John Kumah understands that politics is numbers game and he has been unrelenting in carrying people along with him wherever he finds himself. But then again, like an audacious chess player sacrificing pieces to move relentlessly toward the opposing king, Dr John Kumah has shown that he has the right experience in economic management and social-political matters that none of the would-be veep contenders can match.

Indeed, Dr John Kumah is viewed as a mould-breaking politician, who is capable of doing things differently, and his nomination, coupled with other political indicators will certainly be a reminder to voters of a level-headed brand of doing politics.

There are really two strands of modernizers in the New Patriotic Party. There are the green-friendly, diversity-oriented, welfare-state-defending ones — the ones who simply want to keep the party in power. And there is a smaller group centered on the long held tradition of the party that has a very different idea of what the party’s real focus ought to be.

John Kumah has managed to straddle the two camps. He tends to be on the conservative side of social issues, and has goaded himself into confronting issues that the average politician has long ignored. He has muscled through, over a good deal of intra-party grassroot grumbling in the last couple of years, and has enough backbone and tenacity to rise to the occasion.

As a published researcher in the field of political communications, I think John Kumah represents a total departure from the old order to people-centred leadership oriented towards development and national rebirth - He sure will help the NPP ticket and broaden the party's demographic appeal.

Politically conscious by every standard, and with a reputation for financial integrity and compassion in a politically corrupt environment, John Kumah is the man to watch. His affairs are all transparent and wrapped up in public good.

For me, one thing I have seen in him is sincerity. John Kumah is sincere, even when he speaks, you see it in his words. So far, he is the only name being mentioned in the running-mate conversation who I feel has better knowledge of helping Dr Bawumia in reviving the economy through local production and one who will prioritize education and youth empowerment programs.

Personally, I like John Kumah. I like his politics. I like his person.

I like his style of politics and his record in public office.

I like the fact that he doesn’t try to be like other politicians just to win the people over. Love him or hate him, it doesn’t change him. He is just himself.

If Bawumia really wants to lead and chart a new path with a new sense of direction, and to consolidate the NPP base in the Ashanti Region, he needs no other partner but Dr John Kumah.

I shall be back