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The uncompleted African Independence or The failed copycat

The uncompleted African Independence or The failed copycat
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Dr. Kwame Nkrumah led the Gold Coast, Ghana today, into independence in 1957. Trained in the USA and residing in London as a Panafricanist before the independence as one of his first administrative decisions taken he asked all Whites to leave Ghana regardless of their potentially good future contributions to the new country. Nelson Mandela proclaimed a rainbow nation in which everyone regardless of color was welcomed when having good ideas to progress the nation.

The oppressive system of colonialism was immediately replaced by democracy not known on African soil before. Black African leaders trained under the leadership of the white man in his country returned home with the tradition and law system of the white man to their countries of origin.

African constitutions were drafted by the white man in his image. LGBT+ issues are in Africa the only hallmark of African tradition and African identity. In courtrooms of e.g. Kenya and South Africa judges and barristers wear white wigs a long-standing -funny in the light society has moved on- of their colonial master. Army uniforms and parades set up are not the reflection of African identity and tradition but rather the impression that Africans walk still in the shoes and uniforms of their old masters. To design uniforms and how impressively parade is no rocket science but the reflection of a truly sovereign and independent mind.

Europe took generations to move from a state of being agricultural societies to industrialization and into a service and digitally driven economy. Africa jumped into mobile phones using society skipping landline phone infrastructure. When a society has nothing but is hungry for everything it faces a tough road ahead. The challenges that come with such a process are the best opportunity to discover, promote, and implement true identity, true African tradition, and culture in all walks of life shaped into a new hemisphere and time.

Africa, especially Sub-Saharan Africa, instead saw the replacement of the old colonial elite by a new white man-trained black African elite in most parts of the continent. Societies that have not found their true identity are subject to the wind blowing from outside, not like rocks sit fast unshaken in the rough sea. High corruption levels in Africa killed the nations in the past much to the benefit of the white man but Europeans pay now a high price for their actions by seeing the numbers of illegal immigrants and the conflicts caused or contributed to on African soil. The profitability of Africa for the white man hangs in the balance ready to fall into negative territory.

It is now the right and highest time for Africans to take their destiny into their own hands and make their nations prosper well to benefit all before the white man comes with his medications to heal the wounded black man. The blood lost in the African struggle for independence must be honored and not be paid for by foreigners to host African nations in the African Union building in Addis Ababa paid for by China with listening devices in the walls.

As through the democratic processes, African leaders get the chance to mess up their nations the power to change the current situation is invested in the good people of Africa...and they alone!