Government Secretarial School embraces OSP's Anti-Corruption Training for future workforce to combat corruption

Social News Government Secretarial School embraces OSP's Anti-Corruption Training for future workforce to combat corruption
MAR 3, 2024 LISTEN

In a concerted effort to foster integrity and accountability in the next generation of civil servants, the Government Secretarial School has teamed up with the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP).

This collaboration aims to impart essential values to trainees and equip them with the knowledge to combat corruption effectively.

Dedicated to delivering top-tier secretarial training to individuals entering the civil service and the public sector, the Government Secretarial School enthusiastically welcomed the OSP's Youth Against Corruption Initiative. This initiative focuses on educating trainees about the detrimental effects of corruption on society and the imperative of combating corrupt practices from an early stage.


As part of the collaborative venture, officials from the OSP conducted comprehensive training sessions at the school. These sessions delved into various topics, including the mandate and functions of the OSP as an autonomous agency solely devoted to combating corruption. Additionally, trainees received enlightenment on the definition of corruption and associated activities.

A pivotal aspect of the training involved an in-depth exploration of whistleblowing and its pivotal role in upholding transparency and accountability. Trainees were introduced to the concept of fostering a culture of reporting wrongdoing, highlighting the indispensable role whistleblowers play in ensuring ethical conduct and establishing a culture of responsibility nationwide. Furthermore, the presentation elucidated the reporting mechanisms available at the OSP.


Trainees were also educated on the protection and incentive schemes provided by the OSP to individuals who aid the office in uncovering corruption and securing convictions.

The OSP's visit elicited constructive feedback from both students and instructors, who expressed keen interest in future collaborations and interventions with the OSP. This partnership between the Government Secretarial School and the OSP reflects a proactive approach to shaping a future workforce grounded in ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability within the public sector.

Source: Office of the Special Prosecutor