The Secret Acts Of Catholic Homosexual Priests

Feature Article The Secret Acts Of Catholic Homosexual Priests
MAR 3, 2024 LISTEN

Homosexual relationships were categorically condemned throughout the history of Christianity, a stance that is constantly documented in both the Old and New Testaments. The Bible says that this is what was going on, which is why the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. It's perplexing to learn that many Catholic priests and bishops participate in homosexuality around the world, including in Vatican City in Rome, even though the Bible forbids it.


Rev. Robert F. Poandl, a Roman Catholic priest in the United States, was found guilty of having intercourse with a 10-year-old child for more than 20 years and was given a seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence.

The Roman Catholic Church is full of amazing inconsistencies and has its skeleton in the cupboard. Church leaders have stigmatized and shunned LGBTQ+ believers for years, calling homosexual behavior a sickness, yet thousands of gay priests serve in the Roman Catholic Church, despite this. The tale of the homosexual priests is never told; they keep it hidden from the public and even from their fellow clergy members, and it’s noted that at least 30 to 40 percent of Catholic clergy in the United States are gay.

The US government sees nothing wrong with a man sleeping with another man and a woman sleeping with another woman because homosexuality is legal in the US and is supported by several Catholic priests and bishops. As a result, they want to force the same lifestyle to be accepted in African nations. However, the truth is that they don’t care much about LGBTQ+ individuals; they merely want to slow down Africa's population to decrease to obtain a large portion of the continent's resources.

Using the LGBTQ+ movement as a smokescreen, the US government targets wealthy mineral-rich countries in Africa. Meanwhile, it shows little concern for African Americans, who still struggle to be recognized as full citizens 400 years after slavery, was abolished. Thus, why should the US government pretend to care about the welfare of LGBTQ+ individuals if it hasn't been able to address its racial issues or demonstrate concern for the well-being of black Americans?

Christian rulers condemned sodomites to be burned in the fourth century; in the sixth, they castrated them and paraded them through the streets for the entertainment of the public. Sodomy was already considered the most serious sexual sin in the Middle Ages, apart from other transgressions like adultery and masturbation, and by the end of the thirteenth century, accusations of pederasty had become commonplace, and the Inquisition had come into effect.

These days, movies on homosexuality are being produced so that even young children can accept it as a natural thing, and homosexuality is a topic of discussion everywhere, including in schools. Nonetheless, Africans do not view such things as normal, despite what the US government and the West think. This is because most Africans were raised in religious households and have no interest in such; moreover, the culture, traditions, and customs they inherited from their ancestors forbid them from doing so.

Ghana is a wealthy nation whose leaders abandon everything they own in the country to plead with the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund for financial assistance. When the nation's resources are used prudently and corruption is taken seriously, employment is created and the economy is sustained. In this world of ours, those who feed you or beg money from, dictate to you, but Ghanaians, on the other hand, do not require directives from the US government.

Since Parliament passed the LGBTQ+ law, many people, including Catholic pastors, have opposed it. However, this is not because they care about the LGBTQ+ community; rather, it is because the majority of them identify as homosexuals, and since many of them sleep with young boys and give them money, they feel threatened by the law. I believe the world learning that Ghana has legalized homosexuality will be the worst shame to ever strike our nation, but the US will say congratulations.

Ghana has the right to defend the kids who are being lured into these dangerous circles since the sexual abuse of minors is a problem that is being addressed in many different countries across the world. My counsel to the Catholic priests engaged in homosexual activity in Ghana is to desist from their wicked deeds if they fear facing jail time, as Ghanaians don't give a damn about what they think of the legislation that has been passed by parliament.