Enacting The Anti-LGBT Law Is A Major Step Towards Enacting Anti-Corruption Bill That Will Put Offenders in Prison

Feature Article Enacting The Anti-LGBT Law Is A Major Step Towards Enacting Anti-Corruption Bill That Will Put Offenders in Prison
MAR 1, 2024 LISTEN

The potential legalization of homosexuality in Ghana was one of the major issues endangering the lives of young people as well as culture and customs. The Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, however, was successfully passed by Parliament yesterday following three years of deliberation, but there are more urgent problems that need to be addressed, such as systemic corruption and money laundering. It is time, in my opinion, for Parliament to approve a law that would imprison perpetrators.


Fighting against corruption is not done by mouth, here is a list of some American politicians jailed for corruption

Ghana must make good use of the year 2024 to start addressing the key issues facing the country, chief among them being pervasive corruption. In addition to destroying Ghana's economy, businesses, and investments, widespread corruption has also led to underdevelopment, high unemployment, a dearth of medical and educational resources, and the ability of numerous public officials, judges, and employees to steal without consequence.

Politicians in Ghana should not be acting so hypocritically if they consider the legalization of homosexuality to be a threat while ignoring the systematic destruction of their country by rampant corruption. Corruption is a major problem in both developing and developed countries; however, the United States and the European Union have taken steps to reduce it, such as putting offenders behind bars and introducing electronic means of payment, but in Ghana, there are no such measures.

Akufo Addo made a vow to the people of Ghana that he would combat corruption in a way that had never been seen in the country's political history, and this statement garnered attention even before he was elected president in 2016. The president's promises were just empty words without action. In the words of former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu, Akufo Addo is the serpent of corruption. The president's insatiable thirst for corruption knows no bounds, leaving a massive debt unaccountable.

Many NPP politicians who were implicated in significant corruption scandals were not even prosecuted for embezzling public funds; none of them, including those who were shown accepting bribes on camera, were held accountable for their actions. Since Akufo Addo, his vice president Mahamudu Bawulia, and his relative, the former Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, arrived in power seven years ago, corruption has increased; therefore, it is necessary that a bill to imprison corrupt politicians be passed.

Ghanaians must consider how corruption and criminality have destroyed our economy, the nation, and its environment through illegal mining, and if the developed world is to take us seriously, there is no other viable strategy to combat corruption than to work for the enactment of a measure that would prosecute these offenders and, if found guilty, send them to prison. Parliament shouldn’t disappoint the people.