The Ship Grande Angola Anchored At The Port Of Takoradi To Deliver Three Vehicles Due To Ghana's Destroyed Economy

Feature Article The Ship Grande Angola Anchored At The Port Of Takoradi To Deliver Three Vehicles Due To Ghana's Destroyed Economy
FEB 28, 2024 LISTEN

Since Akufo Addo’s government refuses to take responsibility, accept criticism, and, most importantly, label anyone who wishes to correct them as anti-government or opposition, I arrived in Ghana in June 2023, to investigate several troubling issues, such as the terrible state of the Pra River, the frauds at the National Identification Authority, and the decline of business at the Takoradi Harbor. It was at the harbor that my investigation revealed the cargo ship, "Grande Angola” arrived in Ghana with only three cars.

This article's significance lies in enlightening Ghanaians about how widespread corruption, money laundering, and financial frauds, along with those of Akufo Addo, Mahamudu Bawumia, the vice president, and Ken Ofori-Atta, the former finance minister, destroyed the country's economy, businesses, and investments, while they desperately tried to convince Ghanaians that the Russia-Ukraine war and COVID-19 were to blame, but refused to mention the COVID funds they stole.


The cargo vessel Grande Angola anchored at the Takoradi harbor between June 3rd and 4th, to deliver only three cars, which should tell any Ghanaian how seriously the NPP government has destroyed the economy

I was quite concerned when corruption started to stifle both domestic and foreign investment, realizing that Ghana would face significant issues at the country's ports and harbors, which serve as the main hubs that generate large earnings to support the economy of the country. I wrote "IGP Dampare, I am confident you'll stop the chronic crime taking place daily at the harbors" on November 11, 2021, and "Ghaspora TV Discusses Corruption At Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority" on September 16, 2020.

I have been pleading with Akufo Addo's government to address those issues because doing so will spur economic growth and revive Ghana's rapidly declining currency. As a result, on January 16, 2022, I wrote, "Captain Smart Has Proved It Again - The NPP Has Made Crime A Lucrative Business At The Tema Harbor," and on January 27, 2022, I wrote, "Why Remittances To Ghana Have Decreased, While The Forex Bureau Facing Financial Difficulties."

The psychological distress arose from the perception that my endeavors were an attack on Akufo Addo, resulting in persistent intimidation and allegations that I was obtaining financial support from the NDC. One of the reasons I keep writing about Ghana's economy is because I want to keep the country out of this terrible situation. I was so stunned by the Takoradi harbor inquiry that I was unable to comprehend how a commercial center could be so silent and bankrupt for such an extended period.

While the corrupt and incompetent government of Akufo Addo continues to blame the Russia and Ukraine war, and COVID-19 for the collapse of the country's businesses, investments, and economy, what they fail to realize is that I have written an article titled "The Lamentation Of Ken Agyapong Reveals Akufo Addo Is Behind The Corruption At The Ports."Whether on purpose or absent-minded, Kennedy Agyapong revealed Akufo Addo as the person responsible for corruption leading to the collapse of businesses at the ports.

I managed to track down the owner of one of the three cars, and when he showed me the total of his taxes and the duty he paid, I was taken aback. It was around four thousand euros. How many people, one wonders, will be willing to stay in business in Ghana in the face of such exorbitant tariffs on imported goods? Due to his unpleasant business experience, Ken Agyapong was compelled to name Akufo Addo as the person responsible for the corruption at the ports.

A president will always fail if he never solicits the people's ideas or demonstrates empathy for their plight. The government should be grateful for my efforts to divert attention from the wrong paths, as everything I predicted has come to pass. Rather than hating me or believing that I am anti-NPP or a threat to the government, they should also view Paul Adom-Otchere and other writers and journalists as their enemies, as they led the NPP astray while believing they were doing them a favor.


The importer of the Toyota Corolla paid 43, 967,4 GHC (about $3,99,72.) The price increased to $4,305,5 when the vehicle was finally taken out.

If you are a wise Ghanaian and look at the country's awful state despite its abundance of riches, would you be pleased that the person in charge of these financial and economic catastrophes wishes to become president? I don't hate politicians, but I will keep warning Ghanaians against bad decisions since my political analysis is centered on good politics that serve the interests of the people rather than corruption and selfishness.