The Masterstroke! Alan’s 3 Practical Policy Proposals to Spare Parts Dealers in Ghana!

Feature Article Abossey Okai Traders Embrace Alan for His Glad Tidings!
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Abossey Okai Traders Embrace Alan for His Glad Tidings!

Ghana’s crushed economy undergoing an IMF program for some resuscitation, has had dire effects on businesses and the very lives of all manner of people.

The Nana-Bawumia government’s old fashioned way of excessive borrowing even to unsustainable levels, and insensitive manner of increased taxation for government revenue, coupled with a lack of political will to invest in Productive sectors for the public good, continues to kill businesses in the country. With the level of abuse of political office for parochial interests, there seems to be a complete disconnect between the aspirations of our executive President and his Vice, the almost clueless pair in the exercise of executive power, Alhaji Bawumia on one side, and the aspirations and plight of the ordinary Ghanaian. A situation that constantly nourishes utter disgust of our business community especially, towards the establishment.

Yes indeed! Ghanaians are generally tired of the duopoly that has supervised the level of impoverishment we behold, in the past few decades. Yet indeed! the well discerning have embraced the light shone in our dark state. The man Alan Kyerematen and his Transformation mission!

A man who according to Time Magazine’s 1994 rankings, will be one of the trailblazers for this millennium which started in the year 2000. He was selected amongst notable global figures like Bill Gates, John F. Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, etc due to his distinguished career that saw him chart various transborder economic prowess!

And so for businessmen and women in desolate lanes, shops and cubicles at Abossey Okai and Kokompe; the heart of spare parts trades in the capital city, Friday, 23rd of February 2024 ushered in tangible range, the ultimate and unadulterated message of Hope, heralded like never before, by the man whose only resolve is to leave a legacy of Transformation all we Ghanaians can look back and be proud of.

The Honorable Alan Kyerematen and his Movement for Change, toured and interacted extensively with this very vital constituency to the Ghanaian economy; Traders and Spare Parts Dealers.

Accounting the relevance of the cost of Spare Parts in various sectors that reflect strongly in the Consumer Price Index for various commodities especially Food, in the determination of Inflation, Alan believes taking bold decisions around such a fulcrum, would translate into great relief for the socio-economic wellbeing of all Ghanaians.

The following are three(3) pragmatic proposals the Monarch Butterfly man has made to Spare Parts dealers here in Ghana as he met with the Abossey Okai and Kokompe sects in his market tour; a key engagement strategy in his bid to be President to prosecute the desired transformational agenda.

First, is to review the Tax regime and Give Spare Parts dealers a 6-month fixed exchange rate for importation.

This comes across as the most reasonable policy compared to Alhaji Bawumia’s vain promise to give spare parts dealers a flat rate without a word on how high that flat rate would be. The discerning Spare Parts dealers were excited about Alan’s proposal for a 6-month window for a fixed rate that allows them the sanity to import at competitive rates without any fears of an unstable currency.

Next, Alan proposes a Duty Free clearance on Spare Parts importation after 2 years in government where he’d have boosted local production and gov’t revenue by sealing the leakages, etc.

This would mean his first and second year would take steps under his proposed Industrial Regime and New Agricultural Revolution, to recalibrate the engine of growth of the Ghanaian economy, to ensure revenue optimization and increased local production and value addition for exports. In lay terms, the value chain of all aspects of business in Ghana, will see a rejuvenation to ensure prosperity for all. This would be coupled with various governance reforms to topple corruption and behaviours inimical to our progress as a people. It is upon this foundation that Alan Kyerematen promises to scrap Import duty for Spare Parts, two years into his government.

The third specific pledge he makes, is to Start Spare Parts production here for these dealers to export through the single African market he engineered with the creation of the Intercontinental Free Trade Area for Africans. This he believes is long overdue with the abundance of all the raw materials like Steel, Bauxite for Aluminum, Crude Oil for Plastics, etc here in Ghana.

His Anchor Programmes for the expected diversification and transformation of the Ghanaian economy remain;

Vehicle Assembly and Components Manufacturing, Garments and Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Vegetable Oils and Fats (including Oil Palm), Industrial Chemicals (including Industrial Salt), Industrial Starch (including Cassava Starch),Integrated Bauxite and Aluminum, Iron and Steel, Machinery and Equipment Manufacture.

Look, for a young Ghanaian, I am fully convinced Ghana will Really Rise Again when the kind Alan Kyerematen leads the Unity Government he promises!

Systems will work Again!! And there will be Prosperity for all!

We have this rare opportunity to give Power to one who is fashioned after servant-leadership, a God-fearing man so competent with local and international fruits to show! Let’s rally behind the more workable option!

There can be no end to such writings and so I implore you by these lines:

Go for Alan!
..#Be Admonished!
Think More About Ghana!
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