When Interests Collide: Alan from the Chasm!

Feature Article National interest collides with Establishment's choice!
SEP 11, 2023 LISTEN
National interest collides with Establishment's choice!

Like many an ardent Alan believer and supporter as the most suitable and competent personality for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and more importantly Ghana’s choice for a leader, the past week has been a tensed one for me. I have had to sail through an intense turbulence of different spikes of emotions; some aroused by genuine inquisitions of well-wishers, some by mischievous and untutored men having a field day at what they perceive an automatic win for their preferred candidate(s), and some, just by regular impulses as a living being.

Following the special delegates’ election held on the 26th of August 2023, the Honorable Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen, upon sober reflections has withdrawn his candidature for the next phase of the NPP’s internal processes towards the selection of a flagbearer for the 2024 general elections. This was contained in a press statement published on Tuesday, 5th September, 2023. A decision he said he took in light of the fact that the NPP has been long lost treading on a path of self-destruct with no end in sight.

Consequently, Chief Alan has hinted that after ongoing consultations with his family, other well-wishers, various stakeholders and interest groups, he will provide an indication of the role he will be playing in Ghana’s Politics. In these lines I believe, remain some firm consolation for the legion he commands; even the distraught, that Chief Alan the vision bearer, is still arguably the most relevant personality and beacon of hope, in Ghana’s politics at the current dispensation. This is evident in the height of anxiety, disappointment and feelings of despondence conveyed in various texts on social media from Ghanaians far and near, between the scheduled time for the press conference that was later cancelled and the minute his office released the all-important press statement conveying his intended message. Apparently he had to reserve that face to face press briefing for the fateful day he would lay out his plans towards the much anticipated role we yearn for and duly committed our lives to.

Now for the well discerning Ghanaian, having expended a great deal of goodwill to naught in some of the now irrelevant names of duty bearers - past and present - to our plight as a nation, this growing anxiety and expectation of a good decision by a good man, especially not to shun his Presidential ambition by all means, is only natural. This makes his next line of action as hinted in the press statement, crucial to the fate of all manner of Ghanaians and international actors expectant of a more trustworthy leader and statesman, to restore Ghana onto the path of rapid growth with equal and thriving opportunities for all.

Ghana faces dire leadership crisis! And Ghanaians have conspicuously earned some reputation of being peaceful and that to me, could be attributed chiefly to our penchant to find consolations even in the most absurd terms of every situation we face. So for instance, people would strive at length even when they do not have the financial muscle, to by all means, leave the shores of this country. Brain drain remains our bane due to this failed leadership regime. Almost every single Ghanaian can point to a number of close or distant relations that have either left, is leaving or aspire to leave Ghana. The sad thing is, most of the people leaving are professionals and very intelligent people with with skills and expertise in various fields any developing country like ours would and should so utilize for improved livelihood for all.

For instance, on Wednesday 6th September 2023 at a press briefing, the Minister for Health indicated at least, some 2000 health workers have left the country to seek greener pastures. This is statistics from the health sector alone with nursing, a fraternity that is predominantly occupied by females, being the leading contributor! Now that’s troubling for a developing country with high illiteracy rate among women. Of the about 8 million illiterate population, female illiterates according to the Ghana Statistical service are around 5 million with males numbering up to 3 million. This means a good proportion of our educated females are leaving this country.

This massive exodus remains a sure bet for young adults seeking some respite, yet how long can we continue to send citizens in their best years away due to this same age long leadership crisis? A crisis I believe was partially alluded to by the President himself when he said in a recent interview that a new leader is expected to save the day. Well, that's an admission of failure because the man is still President!

With growing incidence of domestic theft and highway robberies, a high rate of unemployment and an all-time high cost of living caused by the ever increasing utility charges and taxes on even unproductive ventures, the nation stands at crossroads with a good proportion of citizens living in despair. The current President Akufo-Addo was really the last hope but he’s ruined hearts with an unfettered loyalty to people involved in dubious deeds, avarice and a brute and spiteful use of power!

Ghana sadly has reached a point in history, where like never before, we can’t afford to have just anybody toil with our fate as we chart a leeway into prosperity for the masses, if not for all. I think most Ghanaians would agree that tensions are rife for citizen uprising as a just recompense for the consistent abuse of political power and all it would take is for the next leader to fail.

Now, that is most undesirable and this is where the very enviable traits of the honorable Alan Kyerematen places him on a higher pedestal than all of his competitors. A reason I would say, left and still do leave many distraught to assume he would hold back the good he can be as a leader in moving our nation forward with improved livelihood for all.

For starters, he remains the first and only person to have presented to the nation, a solid roadmap in his Great Transformational Plan (GTP) out of the abyss of impoverishment especially for the youth. The GTP as anchored on the following principles; A Strong Macroeconomic Environment, A New Agricultural Revolution, Industrial Transformation, Accelerated Infrastructure Development, Digital Mainstreaming, Energy Security & Diversification and finally, De-carbonization & Climate Resilience, promises to be that light at the end of the tunnel for Ghana.

It now behoves Chief Alan to as a matter of urgency, take that bold and decisive step as soon as possible, while there is Grace, to harness the goodwill of the masses in his favor now and make that public appearance with a decision to run for President even if not on the ticket of the NPP. He just can’t fail!

I believe any attempt to do otherwise would mean he subscribes to the Akufo-Addo tyranny that has so eroded the Ghanaian trust in the NPP. A trust the party under President Akufo-Addo can only covet, to break the 8.

Withdrawing from the race though a bitter pill for most who are torn between a loyalty to the NPP and an Alan candidature outside of NPP, presents even a better opportunity for the A4P campaign. They would be able to channel all resources into advancing their cause and message to the hearts of Ghanaians as the ultimate task would be for all Presidential aspirants, rather than to wrestle with the establishment whose stiff-necked insistence on Dr Bawumia as President Akufo-Addo’s successor and the most workable option for their pension plan, would make them unleash brute forces and dive deep into electoral clientelism and patronage like never before. After all, it is the goal of Chief Alan to be President first, before yielding to internal processes he so deems fair and legitimate. Why continue to yield to deliberately skewed processes to kill his dream?

Indeed, by withdrawing from the internal race, chief Alan saves the NPP and Ghana from our own version of the infamous “Spendthrift election” in Northamptonshire in the 18th century England. It was recorded for the first time in history, that three Earls each spent a whopping £100,000 pounds on their preferred candidate in dubious means to have them win. Just what Chief Alan has stopped the Arabian King Akufo-Addo and his assigns who have adopted polling stations from engaging in, just by avoiding that vain contest. A reason Chief Alan mentions a skewed structure to favour the establishment’s candidate.

Accounting the fact that to the writing of many letters there can be no end, I would want to conclude my “ntoatoa” with a note to all Ghanaians who yearn for change.

There is hope! Ghana will work again! Indeed, the successes chalked by successive regimes are often marred by the spiteful behaviors of duty bearers and if there is one thing we can be rest assured Chief Alan would bring to public service, it is in his ability to instill modesty in all who work with him. I believe he will be able to appoint and condition faithful men to run the affairs of this beautiful country far better than any of his compatriots. He is a Statesman whose meek and genteel temperament wins the admiration of local and international players in the development world.

His contribution in the establishment of the Inter-Continental Free Trade Area and successful lobbying to have the headquarters situated here in Ghana speaks to how distinguished a diplomat he remains globally. His relevance in getting the necessary investments home cannot be overemphasized. You might want to visit the 1D1F secretariat for firsthand information on how successful he has been with a solid foundation for an Industrial regime for Ghana.

We have a man who is not fashioned with noise and populism and hence, we must embrace his unique prospects however he chooses to utilize them for the good of mother Ghana! I will end here!

Thanks for reading!