NDC leadership: Togbe Afede as John Mahama's running mate - Over to you, Joe Lartey!

Feature Article NDC leadership: Togbe Afede as John Mahama's running mate - Over to you, Joe Lartey!
FEB 15, 2024 LISTEN

Dear critical-reader, news that former President John Dramani Mahama will select Togbe Afede XIV (who apparently is willing to abdicate from his position as the Ruler of the Asogli State to be his running mate), for this year's presidential election, is definitely gamechanging, if true.

Naturally, there are those who would posit that better still would be for Mahama to step aside for Togbe Afede XIV to become the National Democratic Congress's (NDC) presidential candidate, lol - but then we can't always get what we want in life, alas, can we?

On a more serious note, if Mahama were to choose Togbe Afede XIV as his running mate, it would force someone like me, who loves Mother Ghana passionately, and is skeptical about John Mahama's leadership qualities for heading a beleaguered and bankrupted African nation-state that ought to be put on a war footing, immediately after the next President is sworn into office, in January 2025, will definitely have to revise one's notes, and elect to vote for John Mahama in this year's presidential election.

However, that will only be on condition that former President Mahama signs a public declaration that he will leave the management of our national economy, entirely in the hands of an economic management team, headed by Togbe Afede XIV. Full stop.

Ditto appoint Togbe Afede XIV's nominee for the crucial position of minister for finance and economic planning, as well as Togbe Afede XIV's nominees for the positions of minister for trade and industry, and minister for agriculture.

Furthermore, former President Mahama must also agree that he will make Professor Nana Opoku Agyeman, his Chief of Staff, and appoint Hon. Zenator Agyeman Rawlings as his Defence Minister, with Joyce Mongtari Bawa assigned to the ministry for women, gender and children's affairs. Simple.

Without such written cast-iron public guarantees, I won't vote for John Mahama, under any circumstances. Full stop. So, to the National Democratic Congress' leadership, one says: Over to you, Joe Lartey!