Why are the NDC so desperate for political power?

Feature Article Why are the NDC so desperate for political power?
JAN 18, 2024 LISTEN

Why at all would one prefer death to life were they to lose the political power they are so desperate for? I have just chanced upon a video by some NDC Executives swearing oath on their life to never do anything silly to let their NDC party lose power in the upcoming election?

Assuming without admitting that their oath to be loyal to the party was taken in 2020 as regards their childish and criminal infatuation with winning the election at all costs, was it the right thing to do?

No wonder that when they lost the election, their presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama and other NDC Executives mobilised their damn ignorant supporters to stage a series of protests in the streets of Accra claiming that John Mahama had been robbed of his victory by the Electoral Commission and the NPP.

How I wish they could lose election 2024, then die with their first-born children. How stupid could they be if I should query?

What good is the NDC as a political party to Ghana? What good is John Dramani Mahama to Ghana, a corrupt and populist politician as he is well known for?

Who is that quack pastor or prophet taking those bunch of greedy bastards, courtesy of late former President J. J. Rawlings, doing?

Does he think he has powers to make the NDC win power by his nonsensical action so taken?

He wants to make himself appear popular in the eyes of NDC and in Ghana’s political arena.

I had decided to keep away from Ghana politics for some time for obvious reasons but for what these NDC Executives have done, shameful and wicked as it is, I am coming back in full force, God permitting.

The NDC have nothing good to offer Ghana, I must confess.

It is just sad that most Ghanaians are pinning the economic hardships ongoing in the country on the head of the president and his government whereas that is not 100% true. It has to do with so many factors, principally among them are the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Any doubting-Thomas out there that is ready to take me on intellectual debate on my assertion just made above is more than welcome.

The irresponsible behaviour of some NPP ministers and government appointees is blameable for the public animosity towards the party and their willingness to vote for a change of government, only to bring in the worst government and president in the annals of Ghana’s politics – NDC AND John Dramani Mahama.

Suffer not the fool kindly!
I reserve my political firepower for my future publications.

Rockson Adofo