01.12.2023 Health

“Our innovative open eye therapy is curing blindness” – John Sackey reveals

By Samuel Nana Effah Obeng || Contributor
70-year-old herbalist, Mr. John Kofi Sackey70-year-old herbalist, Mr. John Kofi Sackey
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The open eye therapy by a 70-year-old herbalist in Mankessim seems to be having a significant impact on patients who visit Mr. John Kofi Sackey with various types of eye related problems.

Some of these patients who visited Mr. Sackey revealed that after going through the open eye therapy, they have seen momentous improvements in their sight.

Among them is a 60-year-old woman who claims that before going through the therapy, she could hardly read or see well especially at night however the situation has changed as she can now read, even without her lenses.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Mr. Sackey revealed that the therapy starts with a prayer and worship session after which the patient is made to open his or her eyes widely, deliberately keeping the eyes focused on a mixture of herbs and water in a holder for about 10 minutes. Patients are then directed to break for a while, walk in the open air and repeat the process for about 2 consecutive sessions a day.

The Minister of the Gospel at Mankessim Estate Branch of the Church of Christ said some people get their healing in weeks whereas others receive theirs in months. That he said was dependent on God.

Mr. John Sackey disclosed that the therapy was given to him in a dream by God after which he was instructed not to charge anyone who accesses the service. When asked how he is able to financially manage his operations, Mr. Sackey disclosed that donations, gifts and support from well-meaning individuals have been his source of financial strength.

Reacting to this, a reverend minister of the Global Evangelical Church – Ghana, Rev. Calvin Klabi applauded the innovative initiative of Mr. Sackey and charged others who have similar calling to emulate same.

Rev. Klabi said there is no single scripture in the Bible that shows that God financially charged people before, during or after healing them however there are some text that have shown that people were asked to take an action as part of their healing process. This he said has been the foundation some persons including some ministers of the gospel, stand on to make all sorts of demands during healing and miracle services.

He encouraged all to place the call to serve humanity over any financial gains.