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Being a role model is thrust upon some. For others, it is happenstance.

Being a role model is thrust upon some. For others, it is happenstance.

Today, I observe with keen attention who Dr. George Akuffo Dampare is, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Ghana. His appearance before the Parliamentary Committee that sought to investigate the originator of a leaked tape purporting to oust the sitting IGP is what I still find no need to be invited, but not entirely bad.

The opening remarks of the IGP literally give a summary of almost the entire questions the Committee is probing. A calm and down-to-earth professional and a leader who understands corporatism at its peak. The humility in him is uncommon. Love and patriotism are fundamental pillars that must be taught in every institution. The IGP is a man of selflessness and not self-centered.

In his introduction about his person relative to working with the Ghana Police Service, he exhibited himself as a professional and leader right from his recruit days till today. Dr. Dampare has exhibited himself as a selfless professional who puts others at ease and does not compete for the title of who is the highest-ranking person in the institution. His professionalism speaks to a person who doesn't shake his head that the secrets of the law and human behavior are still a mystery to the public we serve. He calmly helps educate and explain to the layperson things beyond their experience – the exhibition of arrogance is out of his stock.

The interesting aspect of his response to the “Leaked Parliamentary Committee” was that the IGP spoke directly to the wild allegations leveled at his person in the presence of the accusers. An accusation or allegation that did not bring any shred of evidence to support their claim but wanted for an investigation. Is that how investigations must be done? A mere allegation that the IGP isn't managing the Service well and that most Officers aren't happy could cause the IGP to be called before a committee! During the entire episode of the accusers, they kept on calling for investigation without a shred of evidence to establish a prima facie case to authenticate the need for a meaningful investigation.

However, the IGP took his time to respond to the allegations in definiteness. His response paints a picture that the allegations of the accusers are purely anachronistic. The response of the IGP suggests that his accusers are purely manufacturing lies with the sole aim of hatching naked lies to down the Service that has seen life in his tenure. The allegations of the accusers are deleterious to the functioning of the Service and destruction to the osculating nature of Dr. George Akuffo Dampare.

In his entire response to the Committee, his tone and body language speak of a person who knows what humanity, leadership, and professionalism are all about. A professional is always a leader, even at the lowest rank in the organization. For that matter, he will be the last person to ever sit aloof when the Service is not working properly.

The physical posture of the IGP should be a lesson to his accusers to be mindful of leveling wild allegations where there is none. He exhibited himself as a professional that others aspire to be. He is a model of what one can accomplish with dedication, hard work, and mental fortitude. He is not perfect but makes perfection a goal in his craft, his conduct, and his relationship with his colleagues. For some, being a role model is thrust upon them. For others, it is happenstance.

For you to be a professional police officer, you need to have a high sense of knowledge of procedural duties in the service and issues of discretionary authority, and conceptual attitudes relevant to police education are key to being relevant in the Service. Police Officers’ integrity must be beyond question. And you can see them in him and your guess in the accusers are true.

I see patriotism in Dr. Dampare throughout his response to the Committee. The issue of patriotism can mean so much more and can be practiced by anyone in their way. Patriotism does not have to do with only loving your country. It also means loving and respecting your fellow citizens. Patriotism should not come with political undertones nor should it come with being a leader of an organization before you can exhibit the same. If you truly love your country, regardless of your rank or any office hold, you do your best to see the best in your organization and for the improvement of where you work.

In the past few years, the terms patriotism and nationalism have been mixed up. If you are patriotic, you do not wish for the downfall of a certain section of society. Being patriotic does not mean you consider yourself superior to other people. If you are entrusted with the powers to work as a team to achieve maximum security in the country but your greed and political colours overshadow the interest of the law, it is you who have failed and not the leader of the team.

People need to know that there are also many more ways to be patriotic than becoming a soldier, police head, or serving the country. Just by being a good person in society, you have already become patriotic.

By: Abdul-Razak Lukman
[email protected]

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