How Decoded Are You as A Christian

Feature Article How Decoded Are You as A Christian

If you are spiritual, how spiritual do you think you are? Are you a church goer or that nice lady or man in the choir is catching your attention? How serious are you as an usher or drummer?

Are you a part time or full time Christian? Who is growing you spiritually? What sermons do you listen to?

How often do you pray? As energetic as you are physically, will the enemy meet you same spiritually?

I am not here to judge you, but if you profess Christianity then, you need your whole armor on; for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.

Your faith, prayer life, percentage of Christ in you, salvation, righteousness, truth and the gospel of peace among others, ushers you to become the full Christian, Christ wants us to be.

Do find it difficult to read your bible? Prayer seems to be a problem? Your salvation seems shaky?

Your foundation is slippery or what you have heard otherwise somewhere, is making you doubt what you have been taught of old?

Well, relax, Divine Decoder is here to decode all of which is battling your Christian life. Cleansing the weird thought, doubts, arguments and the significance of the cross in your life.

As the name suggests, it is a book with divine nature ready to inform, digest and interpret who and how the Christian must live and be equipped for His coming.

It is enriched with topics that treats your prayer life, spiritual things, battling the enemy and how faith works for the Christian.

Many of us believe that once we accept Christ, the onus lies on us to work out our own salvation on our own. But nobody actually gets a job and although gets paid, work on his own accord without the guidance and instructions of his employer.

Once you begin to do things on your own, you try to give your employer notices that, it is either you can’t be a team player or you know more than he does. You may end up getting fired or demoted and this applies everywhere.

Once you let go of Christ and the Holy Spirit, you are no longer a team player, and you want to tell God, you are well off by yourself; well; He will sit back and watch you.

It is not by might or by power but by My Spirit says the Lord and we are able to do all things through Christ who strengthens us. What more do you need to convince you that, without Christ we go nowhere and the Christian journey we are on, can only come into fruition with the help of the Holy spirit?

Here is Divine Decoder; it is available as a devotional guide to walk you through obedience, gratitude, total surrender, peace and joy that comes with turmoil and trials.

Again, most people believe that, once you come to Christ, there is no trouble, shame, distress or pain.

Jesus never promised us that, and Divine Decoder establishes what happens when the Christian comes face to face with these crises.

How is your pain? Who is treating you unfairly?

What do you know about giving and how are you to remain grounded when the adversary in the form of demonic attacks, sickness and marriage issues knock on your door?

With detailed bible quotations, matching the very area of your need, Divine Decoder makes it easier to enter the throne room of grace.

It promises to deal with the circumstance that seem unsolvable with God’s love, mercy and tenderness as you read.

Be at ease, take your notepads and bibles as you read along the wonderful adventure of the Christian walk and overcome fleshy desires to bring out the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

This divine book has been available on all international books platform;,E-books,,,, and xulonpress.

Do well to take a read and if you need hard copies you can ask or order for it on this websites: and

God bless you for a change in heart to walk diligently with God.

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