The Awe of the Prodigy and the Difficulty to become a Genius

Feature Article The Awe of the Prodigy and the Difficulty to become a Genius

We get speechless, surprised or in awe of our little ones from infancy who tend to do ‘miracles’ with their brains or parts of their bodies like the hands, voice or legs in creating something no one has taught them.

Though, what they do may already be in existence, it’s baffling to see these young ones bring it to bare effortlessly. Most prodigies are known talent-wise for their giftings in the play of instruments, music, dance, arts and what have you.

But do you know they are no different from other babies?

They are birthed in the same nine months as any other child. It is said no where that, kids born after two years or ten or fifteen months come out with some ‘anointing’ no, they are very usual with what is the norm.

In as much as these children are born with extra abilities, their growth or up bringing can hinder or make them lose interest in what they begun with. Do you know parents can distraught or destruct their kids from becoming who they have to be?

Over protectiveness, undue exposure, pressure on the brain, strict homes and even jealous parents and guardians tend to hinder these kids into coming into their full potential.

In the book, Pioneers of Innovation, we bring to light what prodigies go through from childhood challenges to become their full potential and how they maintain these statues to the fullest.

We reveal to you, how these promising children along the line drift into loneliness, drugs and other social vices resulting to their arrests or by far deaths thereby cutting what whatever they have short.

The book goes in depth to reveal some of the thoughts that goes on the minds of these young ones and how they are willing to become one of the greats in their endeavors.

We reveal the pain, harsh or overly treatment given them and how they strive to get to the top.

As you read, you are led into their personal lives of ups and downs, their determination, discomforts, emptiness and joy of their walk to fame.

In as much as they may have obstacles, some grow to become geniuses in their fields, bringing out new ideas and reforms in their fields. We also get to know some famous geniuses, their works and how they go about it, background checks and what you think are the truths about them but are not.

From those alive to those who have passed, Pioneers of Innovation have searched through the thick and thin to bring to readers the satisfaction of knowing about the prodigies and geniuses all around the world.

Who is your favorite prodigy or genius? We have them in there with tiny dark spots or secrets you can only find when you get a copy of the book. We help you discover your strength as prodigy and how to hold on your genius self to the end.

Parents are given measures as to how they are to raise children in with these special conditions and how to maintain then to the top.

Do you know a child was told nothing can be done for him in school or at the hospital and doctors were expecting to him to die or become useless?

Find out the name of this child and his country of his birth and who he has become today, after his graceful mother gave him logos to play, identified his real abilities.

We have these and more including Angelique Kidjo, Steve Wonders, the Jackson 5, Barbara Newhall Follet, Ziad Ahmed, Shakespear, and more known and unknown names and faces, who have carried themselves well in their various fields.

Amazingly, Pioneers of Innovation brings you picture images of these talents as well as scientists, math gurus, surgeons, inventors, musicians, sports and a whole lot more.

Who is the first female millionaire? Do you how the female hair relaxer came by? How about the woman who opened an art gallery whilst crippled in bed? Have you also noticed that, whenever we mention a genius or prodigy our minds shift overseas?

Well, Pioneers of Innovations is a well packed book with lots of prodigies and geniuses from African ready to blow your mind.

What are you waiting for?
Grab a copy online and give your brain a little upgrade of these awesome beings and how they are going about their lives.

On the 13th of February, 2023, copies of Pioneers of Innovation will be available on all international online books platform;,,,

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