You Only See My Beauty But You Don’t Know My Story

Feature Article You Only See My Beauty But You Don’t Know My Story

Beauty goes beyond the physical and my story is no different.

The idea of beauty being pain, this is literally the broken down component of my journey.

This isn’t a guilt trip agenda to have any of my readers sympathize with the shared amount of obstacles I had to overcome.

I sincerely believe that this path that I currently find myself on ,is made possible not only by the grace of God but also by the strength he has even for me to share my story unapologetically.

We need to pay attention to how we affect the lives of other people.

We will become lifelong learners and help develop compassion and resilience if we approach the stories of others and our own with curiosity.

Throughout our lives, our stories adapt, change, veer, and diverge.

Additionally, it fascinates me.
What's your background? What is your ancestor's story? Which stories move you?

Accept your own messy story, keep an open mind about the stories of others, and watch what happens inside and outside of you.

If my journey will serve as a source of motivation, and inspiration then I will continue to spread the word.

As if it were happening right in front of me , every emotion slap in the back in my face , humiliation, rejection, and tears will be displayed.

As each chapter goes on, I hope that you will peep through every window I have made available and take a glance as my history unfolds.

So welcome all, I invite you to the unseen parts of my journey.

Grab a fist full of your heart and enjoy the adventure.

Here is my search for the closure I never got to experience. Enjoy, yours sincerely Stacy M. Amewoy

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God bless you for a change in heart to walk diligently with God.

You Only See My Beauty But, You Don't Know My Story, Novel 1: Piece By Piece