Be Intertwined with Decoder and Encoder

Feature Article Be Intertwined with Decoder and Encoder

Have heard of Divine Decoder?
Then be intertwined with the Divine Encoder for your complete Christian walk in Christ.

If the Decoder brought you God, His Creation and works, Encoder reveals the principles of walking with Him.

These principles comprise of how to be merciful as a Christian, having compassion, looking after the poor and going beyond yourself to live for others as Christ taught us.

The book also tells us of how faith and works come together in our daily walk with Christ, fundamentals of this faith and how to be firm in this new faith we have come to find.

We read about prayer in Divine Decoder, but find out the power of prayer, praying in Jesus’ name, what the Name does and praying bold prayers in Divine Encoder.

We hear a lot about false prophets and prophecies, miracles and some ‘anointing’ on some men of God. How well do you know about the calling of God upon you or someone else’s life?

What entails in this calling and like being on a diet, how does being called needs to be a restricted one?

As for anointing, Divine Encoder teaches how it works, which is God’s anointing and how one can receive it.

There are a lot of people who receive prophecies even in public transport on the way home from work or at church. But how does one approach these prophecies biblically?

Is it true or false? Some people are told of prophecies and let it slide but later get to know if they had acted on it, they would have curbed a situation on time but due to a lot of falsehoods, they ignore what was said to them.

Divine Encoder tells us all there is to know when prophecies are said and how one can not be a victim of it.

The Decoder talks about speaking in tongues and how to receive it.

But do you believe in the speaking of tongues or you think it’s full of noise or a nuisance? Get the Encoder, it tells you why Pentecost came about and why all prayers should be made in the speaking of the Spirit.

Apparently, most of us are living in fear; fear of rejection, children going wayward, the church closing down, failure of marriage, demons or spiritual attacks. The book Divine Encoder calls this fear, a needless one.

Why? Because God has not given us the spirit of fear but of sound mind.

What are you in fear of, Encoder says, fear not; bring it all to the feet of Jesus and receive abundance of peace over your life, which will calm all situations of fear, seen or unforeseen.

Interestingly, it is the belief of the new age that once you accept Christ, you are free to keep on doing what were being done before. But you do not go to a new work place and go for your salary at your old firm.

Neither do keep wearing your worn-out shoes when there is a new one.

Yes, Grace superabounds with some more on top of it; but the day your breath ceases your grace is out. This is the case where we do not know when the last breath is.

So, as you continue to indulge in whatever you are doing just note that, you may not see the next minute, hour or day.

Thus, Encoder advices on the preeminence of living our lives in ways which will profit our eternity. It brings out the explicit nature of sin, how it becomes a blockage between us and God and also, graces is with how we can come out of it.

How do you discern, examine yourself, listen and come to yourself by allowing God in? how much do you know about the love of God?

Not only does Encoder enlighten the reader on all of these, the book is also packed with chapters of encouragements that will help lift up your spirit in these trying times.

I know you can’t wait to take a read, wait no more, be enthralled as Divine Encoder has been made available on all international books platform like,E-books,,, and Xulon press.

Hard copies can be ordered from the or God bless you for being a part of this.

Divine Decoder: Decoding True Wisdom

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