23.11.2022 Feature Article

Cameron Duodu Congratulates Osagyefo The Okyenhene On His Bold Action Against A Sub-Chief Over Galamsey

Osagyefoↄ Amoatia Ofori Panin, Ghanaman Da Wo Ase Da Wo Ase!
Cameron Duodu Congratulates Osagyefo The Okyenhene On His Bold Action Against A Sub-Chief Over Galamsey
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I have not been so happy in my life -- not for a long time -- as I was when I read that Osagyefoↄ Amoatia Ofori Panin, Okyenhen, had destooled the Benkumhene of Akyem Tamfoe, ex-Nana Boakye Darkwa, over the ex-chief’s galamsey activities.

I was so happy because many of our chiefs in Ghana claim that they “have no power” to arrest galamsey activities on their lands, because the Central Government has taken away all their “powers.”

The chiefs’ claim is blatantly untrue because they do possess Asafo groups which can be organised to PREVENT galamseyers from destroying their people’s water bodies and farms. If these Asafo groups were led by their chiefs to patrol river banks (for instance) beating drums and making fearsome noises, galamseyers would think twice before approaching those localities to cause devastation.

The destruction of water-bodies and farms pose an existential threat to the descendants of the current populace of Ghana, and it is ridiculous to use vague legal excuses to prevent the people from protecting their natural inheritance, in the form of water-bodies and flora and fauna.

It is to be hoped that the Okyenhene’s action will inspire other chiefs to take action to safeguard life in the nation of Ghana for future generations.

Nana, mo! Woaye ade dodo! [Congratulations, Nana” You have done something really heroic.]

But please don’t let your efforts rest there. Please cause gongong to be beaten in every town and village in your kingdom, urging the populace to recognise their duty of organising themselves against the destructive activities of the galamsey water-murderers.

My congratulations also go to the “Concerned Citizens of Akyem Tamfoe, who took the very intelligent action lf petitioning the Okyenhene against the destruction caused by the selfish activities of their former Benkumhene.

The citizens’ action should be emulated by townsmen and villagers all over the country.