20.09.2005 Feature Article

Is GIA A Travel Ageny?

Is GIA A Travel Ageny?
20.09.2005 LISTEN

Dear Sir, Where is the Airline Kufuor promised to replace Ghana Airways? The GIA (Ghana Invisible Airlines) is now a travel Agency buying tickets on other airlines for its passengers to fly from Accra to Lagos.

They have no code sharing agreements with KLM and Ethiopian Airlines. This is one of the biggest frauds Kufuor and his family and the NPP government have perpetuated on Ghanaians, thank to Anane, Sam Jonah, Kufuor and Chief Kufuor. Over 5, 000 Ghanaians and their families are suffering because of the greed and incompetence of these people.

We want our "Star in the sky" back. The collapse of our business, industries and families under the NPP must stop. The property grabbing by Kufuor and his cronies must stop. Ghana belongs to all of us. Enough is enough!

Thank you

Pat Annoh.

Medina, Accra.

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