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The confessions of sinful men against an innocent man

The confessions of sinful men against an innocent man
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I have just landed a job at Olu Abon Junior High School, and my interaction with the pupils in my first week as a teacher in that school have been very eventful.

In order for me to have an idea of their comprehension of the English Language, I asked them to explain the following: "eke out", "to doctor" and "peter out".

One boy raised up his hand and shouted: "Teacher, teacher." I told him to go ahead with his answer. He told the class that "eke" is the short form of Ekechuku, a Nigerian name, and that eke out means Eke is gone out.

A girl stood up and screamed that a doctor is someone who treats diseases. Things were getting funny: a third pupil also said "Peter" is the name of a person and that his uncle is called Kwame Peter. So, peter out means his Uncle Peter is gone out.

I gave them the following explanations: eke out means to add to something insufficient with a great deal of effort, eg, to eke out a living with farm work.

To doctor means to tamper with or to falsify; and "peter out" means to dwindle.

In the course of my lesson I intercepted a letter from one of the girls and it reads as follows:

Olu Abon JHS
Box K 92
Hello Sweet boy,
My heart is beat kum, kum, kum for your beautiful love as am write this massage to you. I like the things you do me at secret places. You make me see that the world is sweet also.

If your love is crime then I be policeman to catch it to my heart prison because it is not ordinarily love. But the things Iam freightend always is that many girls are want you. They do things to jealousy me.

You saw that many men are wanting me but am minding you only. So promise me that the devils will not win you from me, because I gived all my heart for you. Remember our enjoy times always.

I love you more than the all the sands in the beach. Forget me not or else you will be what a shock soon.

Your only girl lover,
Ama Gyimaa.
Oops! What a day! As if these were not enough, Musa, my friend who is a diver's mate was waiting for me in front of my house after I had closed from school. He had come to congratulate me on my new job as a teacher and to find out if I could get him a piece of chalk. I asked him what he was going to do with it and he told me that his master has asked that he brings it to work the next day.

Musa and his master had a contract to transport some oil palm fruits from a hilly village, and on their way to offload the fruits, the truck got stuck on one of the hills, and was moving backwards. The driver screamed at Musa to put the "chalk" under one of the back tyres of the truck. Musa quickly removed the piece of chalk I gave him, from his pocket and put it under the tyre, but it was crushed in no time, and the truck was dangerously descending the slope. An obviously alarmed master shouted, "Hey, Musa, why your head no dey?"

Musa, thinking that his master was asking him to use his head to block the truck put his head under one of the back tyres of the truck, and got crushed. He died instantly! It then occurred to people that what his master meant by "chalk" was actually a chock, which is a wedge or block placed against a wheel or vehicle to prevent it from moving.

I am mourning my friend and had wanted to rescind my decision to blast today; but I feel sad as a result of a confession Captain Smart has made in a video that has gone viral.

According to him, before the 2016 elections, he and some other senior journalists cooked, concocted, hatched and prepared a cocktail of a campaign of calumny against President Mahama that he had houses and gold refineries in Dubai, and that after the NPP came to power in 2017, he, Captain Smart investigated the allegations and found them to be false. This is mercenary journalism, isn't it? Only God knows what else was done before, during and after the elections.

He said that his colleagues took money to do these dastardly deed, and I want to find out from him the amount of money he also took. This is a clear expose' of the somber side of politics crossing the decorum of decency.

Captain Smart lamented that he is going to fast and pray for God's forgiveness for himself and his colleagues who committed such an odious sin against an innocent man.

He went on further to say that, of all the presidents of the Fourth Republic of Ghana, President Mahama is matchless in terms of infrastructural development. When it is coming, then it is doing.

When I heard this, my heart started beating kum, kum, kum as Ama Gyimah will put it. And I have been motivated to use this as a sequel to my next article, "Mahama is the most experienced president."

Anthony Obeng Afrane

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