Tue, 23 Apr 2024 Feature Article

Ghanaians were better off under Mahama

Ghanaians were better off under Mahama

I feel so sad, the way some of us are allowing ourselves to be used by rapacious politicians for their selfish gains while we are completely losing touch with the very things that will provide a fillip to our economic growth, and I wonder if such people can look into the eyes of God and swear that they are happy of the current state of our nation.

For instance, it has been reported that development in the MMDAs, the bedrock of the nation's growth have stunted because of lack of funds, and it is difficult for one to understand how the MMDAs could operate when Assemblies' Common Fund are sometimes late into the third-quarter.

Even though the NPP has become pathetically unpopular, it is becoming absolutely clear that the ruling party wants to cringe to party at all costs and suspected to be trying to use apish tricks or strategies to hold on to power.

However, nothing can stop an angry and determined electorate, not even repression. The 2004 presidential election in Ukraine is a typical example.

In all these, I can tell for a fact that no other leader could have managed Ghana better than H.E. John Mahama under the twin spectre of opposition hostilities/sabotage and Single Spine Salary wahala during his tenure.

In 2016 fuel price per gallon was around Ghc15 while a gallon of fuel is about Ghc 65 today.

Before President Mahama left office, one US dollar was to 3.83 Ghana Cedis, but today, one dollar is equivalent to 13.50 Ghana Cedis.

I can go on and on to elucidate how better off the Ghanaian was under President John Dramani Mahama. In 2016, for instance 1,000 Ghana Cedis could buy 40 bags of cement, but today, the same amount can buy only 12 bags of cement.

Clap for Dr. Bawumia, the head of the nation's economic management team. He would be definitely be rewarded, and failure is most definitely a prize for him and his party in December, despite all the intended skirmishes.

Anthony Obeng Afrane