26.08.2004 Feature Article

How Could Ghanaians descend so low?

How Could Ghanaians descend so low?
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It is rather unfortunate, in fact very pathetic, that people could be blinded by political veils to pick for a bite every dirty bone that pops up from the gutter and in so doing brandish so high what is certainly so low. There is a lot happening in Ghana lately and one has the impression hell is breaking loose; Hackmans hacking their maids, type-writers getting missing in the Ministries and the Attorney General's Department, the case of Bamba, bullet proof cars, Ghana Airways, secret arms import into the country…all of which do not augur well for the future of the country, and once more bring to the table sum reflections and legitimate questions about our way of thinking.

But what is however more preoccupying is the goat-stubborn attempt by some weak-minded thorough-going bastards to induce fear among the fragile population by inventing spurious coups d'états and mercenary nonsense. This is very revealing of their high degree congenital malevolence. One could not help but wonder why some Ghanaians of the Diaspora do not see the farce in the timing and put their weight in the fantastic make-believe in a bid to frame it on innocent people. And those educated illiterates of doubtful origins at the “Accra Daily Mail” are dummies who fail to think when a coup d'état is staged they will not be away on the moon. Confirming stupid adverts in disguise is not only condoning telling of the untruth. It also undermines their professionalism and judgment, and one wonders whether there is anybody in Ghana there who buys what they write at all. What a pity that people could choose to descent so low to please others just for the little crumbs they would lick under tables.

In fact the sweet scents of the beginning of this third millennium may be passing us by as we continue in abject obscurantism, such that we are fast losing sight of the horizons of tomorrow, but Ghanaians are far from being the very stupid beings imagined by those whose wish is to see the nation fail. Singing “God bless our homeland Ghana” amidst masquerading efforts to divert public attention from the myriad failures of the Government through threats, at the end of the day, is a paradox corrosive to political climate already blinking in red.

We are not living Abdul's world of the “Emperor's new clothes” and play hypocrites by seeing what is obviously inexistent. The President of the republic should, as a sign of courtesy to civility, direct investigations into the Liberian article and also the thorny issue of the secret ammunitions imported into the country. His fatalistic attitude of I-don't-care-ism (Probably his presidential ideal) must change.

Mr. President we are listening!

Jordys A. Komfour

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