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Open Letter to VEEP Aliu Mahama -Rejoinder

Open Letter to VEEP Aliu Mahama -Rejoinder
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Dear Prof.,


I acknowledge the role you are playing in trying to find a solution to the Dagbon crisis.

You are doing all these because I know you are a true patriot of Dagbon whose heart bleeds for Mother Dagbon

Prof., the situation in Dagbon now is a fight between truth and falsehood and not Abudu and Andani For all true patriots of Dagbon abhor and condemn what occurred in March 2002. So in the our present battle one is either fighting for the truth so as to ensure peace and justice in Dagbon or one is fighting for falsehood in order to entrench injustice so as to perpetuate crime and insecurity.

Prof. Your open letter to His Excellency the Vice President is quite remarkable and worth commendation. However it is unfortunate His Excellency the Vice President can not be peace broker in the Dagbon crisis.The Vice President by his actions and inactions taken sides with the Abudu renegades whose callous and disgraceful actions has brought Mother Dagbon to her present predicament.

The underlying reasons are why many citizens of Dagbon resident in Ghana continue to point accusing fingers at the Vice President of being an accomplice in the Dagbon tragedy,

(a) On Saturday March 30 2002, only three days after the gruesome murder of our King and forty of our kinsmen, all true loving and patriotic sons of Dagbon (whether Abudus or Andanis) were in grief and traumatized by the disgraceful act were shocked to see the Vice Pee on national television (GTV) running to give an Olympic torch to the President Mr J.A. Kuffour. This action by the Vice Pee was a serious damage control he had consciously or unconsciously done to his image and reputation. If even the late King had died a natural death the Vice Pee should not have been seen in public so as to demonstrate to the entire Ghanaian population and to the good people of Dagbon that he was in a mournful state.By the Vice Pee's conduct on that day , he had told the whole world that that what transpired in his own birth place that he cared less of what happened to his King and kinsmen..

(b) When the National Chief Imam led a group of muslim leaders to his residence to console him because they believed as a son of Dagbon he was traumatized by the unfortunate event of March 27.The Vice Pee was again heard on the national television (GTV) saying that what happened on that day has happened several times. To quote him in Dagbani : ( din ning maa nyela yel kurli ).

(c) The Vice Pee had failed to come out publicly to condemn the tragic event to distance him from that disgraceful incident despite several appeals from well meaning sons and daughters of Dagbon to him. He rather gives sanctuary to some of the alleged perpetrators who call on him in Accra.

(d) During the last official visit of the vice pee to Tamale, he lost another opportunity to redeem his battered image. Aliu the vice pee entered Tamale not as a sitting vice pee but as an NPP Party faithful. Some of us thought he would use that opportunity Allah gave him to heal wounds and reconcile us. Aliu Mahama behaved like a victorious war general returning home. He was welcomed to Tamale amidst drumming and dancing as well as casting of insinuations depicting how our King and kinsmen were gruesomely murdered. Prof every son and daughter of Dagbon knows that when the Ya-Naa dies and is not yet burried drumming is banned in all Dagbon kingdom. Aliu and his supporters boldly defied the authority of our chiefs. That is why they refused to meet him even though he made clandestine moves to meet some of them under the cover of darkness.

Can such a personality be a peace broker. Prof.?

Prof. You have attacked the personalty of Lawyer Ibrahim Mahama in many of your articles as being part of the problem of Dagbon because of his dominant influence on the late Ya-Naa . You have however failed to mention any member from the Abudu gate responsible for the rancour and divisions which has brought Dagbon to this stage. Prof I do not want to believe that you are unaware of the numerous chieftaincy contractors from the Abudu gate who are fanning the problems in Dagbon. Such persons see peace and development in Dagbon as a threat to their source of livelihood and diminishing popularity. I would like to mention names like Alhaji Aminu Amadu, Hon. Malik Alhassan Yakubu, Alhaji B.A. Fuseini and former Alhaji Aliu Mahama (now Veep) These group of persons refused to give the needed financial political and moral support to push DAYA forward to enable it to grow as a powerful instrument for the unity and development of Dagbon; because they had a hidden agenda.

So Prof these are some of the people who helped to bring Great Mother Dagbon to its present predicament. Such personalities also see Lawyer Ibrahim Mahama as an enemy who must be destroyed at all cost; even though those mentioned above have been beneficiaries of Lawyer Ibrahim Mahama's largesse and magnaminity at one time or the other in their lives.

Prof continue to inspire us with your down to earth articles and may Allah The Almighty bless and guide you.

Yours in the service of Mother Dagbon

Noble Osman Alhassan

Noble Osman Alhassan Vittin Estates, Tamale Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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