Tue, 03 Feb 2004 Feature Article

A message to African leaders especially Kufour

A message to African leaders especially Kufour

Dear Presidents,

This is the time for a honourable citizen of the motherland to tell you what you might not want to hear. Truth is sometime difficult to accept but as William Bryant said " truth crushed to earth will always rise again"

President Kuffour of Ghana came to power on a good note and in fact, every citizen of Ghana saw him as a person who hated neo-colonialism and wasn't prepared to give the imperialists any room to operate but if this is really the case, then he has let millions of his people down. Mr Bush (I refuse to refer to him as President because he isn't the legitimate President of the US) rigged the elections in broad day light in Florida and prevented so many black people to cast their vote. This man has however succeeded in persuading the intelligent Kuffuor to sign up to the ICC convention and this is really sad.

The most dangerous man in the world has in fact enslaved so many African leaders in the name of financial aid and this is really sad. Has President Kuffour and the other Presidents of Africa long forgotten the legitimacy of Odious debt. When America invaded Cuba, they refused to pay the debt that Cuba owed Spain and the main reason was the fact that, Spain gave the loan to a President who had been kicked out of office and not to the Americans or the Cuban populace. This was legally right and thus the poor people of Cuba were relieved of a huge debt that could have made life more difficult for them.

Despite the willingness of most African leaders to succumb to the western world, I believe President Kuffour and the other lovers of imperialism can emulate people like Robert Mugabe and Gaddhafi. Firstly let's consider the experience of the Zimbabwean leader and the hero of all true sons and daughters of Africa. How long has the western media not tarnished his image and what did they do to the Osagyefo? It was the same as what they are doing to Mugabe today.

How can whites exploit black people on their own soil whilst our leaders look in shame? In South Africa today, black entrepreneurs are given a tax relief once they set up a business and this is a better way of governance. A black doctor will take home 20% more than his white colleague and this is exactly what Mugabe is trying to establish in Zimbabwe. If Bush isn't seen evil and a dangerous man, then why should we see Mugabe as such? After all he hasn't gone to invade another country with the view to getting hold of the Caspian Sea or the huge reserves in Iraq. It is never true that Mugabe is maiming and killing white people all robbing them of their farms.

This is just known as political propaganda and the most dangerous man on the planet who calls himself Bush is the one who needs to be dealt with. The foreign policies of the United States is causing all the suffering in our motherland and hope President Kuffour is listening to this and making some notes. This terrorist who terrorises other continents scared the world with his steel tariffs and thousands lost their jobs in Europe and Asia so why should we view such a person as a hero? Mugabe is the next Nkrumah or Marcus Garvey of the continent of Africa and we should never allow anyone to deceive us whatsoever.

Africa should be neglected a bit as declared by Yoweri Museveni, another proud son of Africa. Long live the greats of Africa and shame should befall all those leaders who succumb to the beast. Africa will never ever surrender no matter what the pressure is and where it comes from and this is the main reason why we all need to support Panafricanism and disown the western world as they only kill their own people everyday. Mugabe should be left alone as he knows what is good for his people and I urge all African leaders to support the efforts of Thabo Mbeki by telling people the truth about Mugabe and not those silly news we hear on air.