What I wish I knew before, during and after School

Feature Article What I wish I knew before, during and after School
JUL 5, 2021 LISTEN

Education they say is the key to success. Yes, education can be or look like the key to success but it takes only individuals who see it as such.

Society has set standards for us, and it has become more or less like a norm, to go to JHS, SHS, and TERTIARY. Should this story be the same for everyone?

This little piece here will tell you, what you must know before, during and after school.

Before deciding to school, you should always ask yourself these questions, what you wish to achieve, your purpose and your life. The school system is viewed partially wrong in this our side of the ocean, Schooling is not only about sitting in class for a teacher to teach or lecture you, education differs and has so many forms. But even before we decide on this; you need to identify what you wish to achieve as an individual. The achievement for going to school must be clearly started and we will discuss the reason for this.

The school at every level in life can be very challenging and difficult but the only thing that will keep you going are your plans and what you wish to achieve. We must learn to live by plans set, and set targets must always be hit right. Set your plans and work hard regardless of the difficulties.

Purpose, every individual has a purpose and you need nobody to define your purpose. Some purpose can be funny at times, but you should believe and know your self more in other to meet your purpose. Missing your purpose simply means missing your life. Life must be live to fulfil our life purpose. What you love to do most and passionate about can be your purpose. You may have just a purpose. Others can have more than one purpose and you alone can develop your skills to meet this purpose. Going to school which does not prepare you for your life purpose is a wasted time. Hence you are not late to look deep down within yourself to identify your purpose. Risk and challenges are in every sphere of our life. Calculate all the challenges and seek knowledge and more understanding about those challenges. It takes committed and a determine person like you to work those purpose.

Now it is within our purpose that we must choose our friendship in school. Not everyone can be your friend; however you can be everybody's friend. Choose only friends you can learn from or friends that you learn from each other. Define your type of friend. Not everyone must be allowed to your life. Many a times, we focus more on grades and we leave school without having friends. Life is not lived alone. Even God understand this principal and that was why, whatever he created was not alone. Build good interpersonal relationship with the people who will inspire you to do more, people who will encourage you even when all hope is lost.

May be you don't know but your friend can either affect your life positively or negatively. I prefer to call people affecting our life negatively as liabilities and Assets for those affecting our lives positively. Make a lot of friends as much as you can, opportunity can knock at your door only by making friends. I am a true example. Quickly change your friends if they don't make any positive impact to your life. To my young ladies, not every man approaching you in school is interested in personal relationship. Some men just want to be friends, it can just be a piece of advice he wants to share with you, and it can even be an opportunity he wants to share with you. Let's learn to be open to people. However insist on what you want and never give in to anyone that will want to take advantage of you.

During school, school life I guarantee you will never be easy. You will be spending one, two, three or four year in school with countless exams and presentations. We might have never thought about this, clearly it will not be on a silver platter but you will need to focus on the targets and the purpose. There will always be times you feel not to attend lectures; there will be times without money, food or water. In all you must be strong enough to keep heads up.

After school, this will certainly be the time where you will find joy and happiest in the decisions you made. Undoubtedly you will come to appreciate that, the future leaders we keep saying was not a long journey. At this stage of your life, it would be a time to serve in the corporate world. Your knowledge and skills will be needed to make an impact. Sadly, the corporate worlds will not be enough for you all. It will be able to accommodate few of you but you can always start a new beginning on your own to bring a new ending.

Written by:

Agyapong Ebenezer Attah Senior

BaFSA – UPSA P.R.O (2019 – 2020)

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