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22.09.2020 Feature Article

Nurse’s strike; an intimidation or a share pomposity

Nurse’s strike; an intimidation or a share pomposity
LISTEN SEP 22, 2020

If there is any profession in Ghana that has taken government and by extension people of Ghana to ransom without impunity then one cannot go beyond medical profession especially nurses.

I’m have not been enthused at all by the actions of Ghanaian nurses since they became loud on their bargaining rights to ensure their demands are met by government at all cost, therefore, their current strike do not attract my sympathy.

I have also decided not to waste my time anytime they press home any financial matters with government especially when they resort to laying down their tools.

Though their constant pressure on government at this times, politically is to be expected but legally and ethical can’t be accepted in any humane society.

I think it’s about time government take a bold step to consolidate some of their incessant demands for allowance and make sure those employed into that profession know that they are not above any profession that requires any special treatment.

In fact, getting to know that nurses are at it again, this time pressurizing government to demand their allowance hence embarking on strike made me feel that as citizens it will be ideal we also embarked on a similar exercise to make them aware that we are not happy about how they treat us whose taxes are used to pay them.

How on earth could nurses of a country like Ghana abandoned the hospital facilities simultaneously base on demand of allowance from government not salary arrears? Not even the directive by national labour commissions the umbrella body of workers directive to them to rescind their decision of strike is yielding any results.

Maybe the timing for this strike is not good for the government in power else I do not see why it should devote time to respond to them once they have failed to respect the people of Ghana.

Is it not this same nurses that are fighting government on PPES to fight covid-19 but was able to had tet-a-tet with it on definition of who a ‘front like health workers ‘is to enable them share the allowances that came from government own volition as quickly as possible? Though they are still enjoying that government allowance with no difficulty for a work they are paid for they are now in arms against government with no regards to citizens of Ghana who they are to serve.

They have left the hospitals on a similar allowance they claim are due them without considering the legislative processes it has to go through. This is not good for the image of Ghanaians nurses therefore they must change their approach for their demand to exclude denial of Ghanaians right to health.

Surprisingly these same nurses in Ghana would have loved Ghanaians show them similar hourner as their colleagues elsewhere who work extra hours without compulsory allowances from their government. No I won’t recommend any Ghanaian to do so because their strike actions without recourse to our health can’t induce same from us.

I would rather ask somebody whose words carry some weight to tell Ghanaian nurses that what they are doing is not good as human lives are involved. They must also be told in plain words that they are not the only profession in Ghana that are entitled to allowance. They should go back to the hospitals as all workers are in their respective offices working to move Ghana on.

When they go back to attend to the sick poor who are the most affected we can also support any worthy course of theirs

David Fianko-Okyere

Upper East Bolgatanga

[email protected]

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