11.09.2006 Feature Article

Military Not To Betray Nation?A truth for the youth to know. GSDM

Military Not To Betray Nation?A truth for the youth to know. GSDM
11.09.2006 LISTEN

“I am a prisoner of Justice. As in prison, I asked our prison overseer, how much do I have to pay for my freedom? He said, crying will not set you free¬—but unless the blind and the deaf are healed, so long shall the African remain slaves in tranquillity” Prince Aidoo.

Mr. Speaker of Ghana parliament, Honorable majority members, Honorable members of the minority, ladies, and gentlemen. I know that the more I talk, the more people com to see me crucified. Yet this voice of the new generation shall never be quite until the death will be forced to hear it. It is always said: “The evil that me do lives after them” so is the fact that “what you sow is what you reap”. History shall always repeat its self until the inhabitancy of this universe begin to realize their iniquity against themselves.

Mr. Speaker, today President John Agyekum Kufuor is said to be calling on the Military not to let its guards down especially at the time when the country was on the verge of breaking into a higher level of development; adding it should remain more alert to its duty and under no circumstance allow itself to be compromised into betraying the nation when addressing the graduation parade and Commissioning of 87 Cadet Officers, two of whom, were from Burkina Faso, at the Military Academy and Training School (MATS) at Teshie in Accra after 23 months training.

He said that the country's economy was now registering sustained and remarkable growth and had become resilient and capable of withstanding the crushing crude oil prices on the world market, adding that Ghana was currently, ranked by the World Bank to be among the first 10 out of 110 nations as a preferred place to do business.

Mr. Speaker, ladies, and gentlemen, ironically, our president forgot to make mention where the World Bank has ranked Ghana in the increase of death, drugs, cocaine saga, corruption, hotel saga's, government kick-backs, unemployment and mismanagement that the country are embedded with? I hope someone is listening.

Our president further said: “The country's democratic governance has also become the toast of the continent of Africa. These major successes have been achieved through collective hard work and sacrifices of the citizenry. The political, traditional, military and religious authorities, as well as civil societies must, therefore, see it as a collective duty to safeguard them."

Mr. Speaker, ladies, and gentlemen, don't we all know that the average Ghanaian is still languishing in the corners of imperialist and neo-colonialist society and finds himself in exile in his own land, and begging the same imperialist (IMF, World Bank) for a living? How can our president have the courage to say that the so-called development can be attributed to the hard work and sacrifices of the citizenry whiles his people are wailing in despair? Can´t this statement be classified as unfortunate, Mr President?, and if his perception is true, then what is the reward for their hard work?

President Kufuor said with vigilance, Ghanaians should celebrate the impending landmark of the Golden Jubilee of Independence within the prevailing atmosphere of peace, security and growing prosperity, and said
"Without compromising your military responsibilities, you should be guided by a spirit of humility, fellow-feeling and compassion. This is how to build a peaceful and prosperous Ghana."

Mr. Speaker, ladies, and gentlemen, A jubilee that 20 million Dollars will be spent just for a show, whiles certain necessities in our hospitals and other serious areas in the country are deprived of funds. What are we going to jubilee about after 50 year in political and economic chaos? Will Singapore and Malaysia who were with us in the struggle for independence and now above us in self-reliance be invited to join us in such a disgraceful jubilee? Who will monitor this, and how much will go into the pockets of the organisers?

Mr. Speaker, ladies, and gentlemen, if President Kufour, really believes and understands what he has just indicated above, then the youth will all respect will like to ask our President what his UP/Danguah tradition thought when they were selling the country for 30 million dollars to the enemy using our military as a scape-goat to over through a constitutional government for their selfish ends?

To have answer to such malpractice's of a political party, one should go back to history and to trace their origin. You will realises that they were of the same feathers that brought the country's development to a halt. These nation wreckers sold our nation's vision for peanuts to the same enemy we fought against by condoling and conniving with them to stage an anti-constitutional coup on the 24 February 1966 to over throw Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, and brought our development cause to an end. For this paltry, they destroyed our vision. As saboteurs and stooges, they thought they were harming others, but never knew that they were harming their own children. To justify their blatant usurpation of unconstitutional rule, the perpetrators of 24th February namely: Captain Afrifa, Lt-Col Kotoka, Lt-Col Ocran, Police ACP Harley, Police Commissioner A.K. Deku, Police Commissioner Nunoo, Police Commissioner J.A.Yakubu, retired Lt-Gen J.A. Ankrah which our president is well informed about, threw all kinds of charges against Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Examined closely, these charges,---killing a pregnant woman and keeping it in a deep freezer, his introducing a one-party state, being a dictator, enacting the Preventive Detention Act (PDA), and harbouring ambitions to be the president of a United States of Africa among others were as frivolous as they were dubious. They accused him of his aim to turn Ghana into a Communist State because he chosed to trade with west and east. They accused him of corruption. They accused him for incapability of ruling. They said the nation have lost confidence in his government etc. They adopted these accusations of the imperialist just to destroyed our Constitution and our hopes. The imperialist knew that he was one step ahead of time. They new that if Ghana is able to transform their country into an independent sovereign capable of turning it into an industrial country, their superiority over Ghana will be meaningless. Their reason for choosing a coup d état was that if you can´t defeat a government through the ballot box, the only remedy is to kill and destroy whatever was initiated by that government and whatever its political ideology was. Their evil deeds has not been justified. Where do we find Ghana´s economy, social and politics today?. They have been struggling under a new name called New Patriotic Party (NPP) One will perhaps ask what type of patriotism are they talking about? Can they justify their so called Patriotism if one reads about their history?

Mr. Speaker, ladies, and gentlemen, today when we Ghanaians see these same nation wreckers in gage in nepotism, corruption, cocaine dealings, hotel sages etc, this should remind my listeners to what I said in the beginning that: “The evil that me do lives after them” so is the fact that “what you sow is what you reap”. They have been in exile for so many ears, They have spent billions of Dollars and countless Cedis to maintain the party. So therefore, they are in to reap what they sowed. Now that they are disgracing themselves in all levels, one should not wonder about this. It is the spirit of the truth they thought of running away form, is telling them that they can run but cannot hide from God. Their selfishness and greed will forever betray their evil deeds. This of course I should say that this prophesy goes not to NPP, but it goes for any political party in the country, being it NDC,CPP,PNC,EAGLE etc. They shall all reap whatever evil deeds they will sow on that soil. Why is the president now advising the military by saying that: "Without compromising your military responsibilities, you should be guided by a spirit of humility, fellow-feeling and compassion. This is how to build a peaceful and prosperous Ghana." During their era, did those nation wreckers ever thought of a spirit of humility, did they thought of feeling and compassion, did they thought of how to build a peaceful and prosperous country without necessarily employing their own military who´s earnings are from the poor tax payers to commit such a heinous crime in our history? Are they nor crying foul or afraid to pay the same price the paid to the same military when they wanted to rule the country?

Mr. Speaker of Ghana parliament, Honorable majority members, Honorable members of the minority, ladies, and gentlemen, kindly permit me to cease this opportunity to tell our dear brother and sisters who are still in political and religious bondage that the time is coming that they should reckon with this undisputed voice of the new generation that shall reveal all known and unknown human rights abuses that has been committed by past and present political leaders and leaders of any higher authorities. I can assure our country that we shall re-visit our past.

Mr. Speaker, ladies, and gentlemen, I end by saying that, the battle for a true Peace, Freedom, Justice and accountability in our country is about to start. Let that bell of justice ring in the ears of all those disgruntle leaders till they chose to expose their iniquities against their people. Let the bell of freedom and justice ring in the ears of those Africans who by virtue have become stooges for the enemy of freedom and justice till they realises their iniquities against their nationals. Yes let the bell of brotherhood, love and unity ring in the ears of those wicked citizens and politicians who sold our nation to the enemy, till they turn away from their suspicious minds and repent from their transgression against their own people. I have that vision.

God bless you all. God bless Ghana.

Prince Aidoo
Ghana Social Democratic Movement