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ICPPF calls on CPP to abolish Presidential/ Parliamentarian Aspirant fees.

ICPPF calls on CPP to abolish Presidential Parliamentarian Aspirant fees.
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Fellow Countrymen, once again, I am reminding you that, the vision of the International Convention People's Party Forum is the total emancipation of the people of Ghana. Its duty is to help wipe away the tears from the faces of the ordinary Ghanaians who have over the years toiled in vain to make any meaningful impact in the agriculture, education, manufacturing and other productive sectors. The ICPPF has heard their pains and the reason for their tears, and they will not be left alone. The Leaders of ICPPF dedicate this article to these men and women of the new CPP; including those whom we have constantly referred to as the unknown warriors—i.e. those dedicated men and women who shall serve the party loyally and selflessly without hoping for a reward.

All the gains, the CPP made under our forefathers led by Kwame Nkrumah were achieved through hard work and Unity. As previously adumbrated by the New African (who is the Leader of the ICPPF), has indicated that our strength lies in unity. Without unity we as a party will never succeed. Therefore the aim of this New African will be to lead the CPP with a unified purpose, policy and action for progress and the development of Ghana. Again as recently exposed in the last election, the strength of our opponents and the un-progressive forces was amplified as soon as we started fighting among ourselves. As a result, unless we find a solution to this obvious and very powerful threat which is hanging on our neck like the Sword of Damocles i.e. dis-unity with a united front and a proper policy for the development of our country, the strategy of the un-progressive forces, will be to pick us up one by one and destroy us.”. Apart from this there is another major problem and that is corruption.

Corruption has now become endemic in the life style of Ghanaian politicians. Looting and cheating the poor nationals have become our national anthem and the order of the day. Even people who have been elected to serve as Members of Parliament are not free from it. The reason is that, they have to pay bribes to the leaders in their party in order to get selected as candidates. As a result as soon as they are elected, they find avenue to cheat the system so that they can recoup their loses. Even Presidents are not exempt. Today we hear of the term: “Ex-Gratia” a legal term concocted by our so- called learned people (lawyers), to help the President cheat the nation. (End result = 2 houses+6 Cars. Oh what a shame!)

Against the above background, ICPPF is suggesting to the Convention People's Party to abolish the presidential/parliamentarian aspirant's fees. This action if not addressed, will continue to create a fertile ground where our MP will continue to cheat the system... This practice never existed in the Party at the time of its inception. Why do we have it today? Did Kwame Nkrumah and the parliamentarians under him pay “entry fees” before they were elected to lead the country?

Those of you who will become high party officials, ministers, ministerial Secretaries, chairman of statutory boards and corporations must forever bear in mind that; you are elected as leaders to help wipe away the tears of the oppressed. Some of us may very easily forget that we ourselves have risen from the masses. The question that comes to mind is must we forget? There is a maxim that says“the wise man may not know where he is going, but it is only a fool who doesn't know where he comes from”. The ICPPF is of the opinion that these party officials , ministers ,Presidential candidates etc are elected to serve the ordinary people and help wipe away their tears , as a result we must not impose any encumbrance on them. This means that if we want people to serve the country in order to free our people from the shackles of poverty, then they should not pay bribes in order to get the chance to serve their nation. If we do not rectify the situation we shall continue to nature MP who will enter parliament with the sole purpose of going to enrich themselves. The ICPPF is of the view that, politics is about identifying problems facing the people and finding solutions to them. The politicians are mandated to take care of the economic and social problems facing the people and as such it is prudent for the nationals to know this and sponsor such politician. We should prevent politicians who are interested in giving bribes to entice the electorates to buy their votes. The Ghanaian voter and the state must be prepared to support political parties and pay for their expenses to go and produce the goods they have promised the nation so that political leadership can be held accountable to the ordinary people.

As indicated supra, it is known that if you allow political aspirants the chance to buy their seats upfront, they are making an investment and therefore they are likely to recover the investments made when they get to power. We must not starve our aspirants, ministers in their endeavour to serve the county. We as a people have created the condition for breeding corruption. The ICPPF will like to state our position clearly, that CPP may pay a heavy price if they are not sensitive to the plight of the people as far as corruption is concerned.

Today we hear that the ex- president and his ministers are demanding an Ex Gratis allowance i.e. Additional benefits to all what they accumulated during their leadership. Just cross-check how much the taxpayer has to pay for all the travels made by the ex-president, and you will realise what he has saved from his per dime. One can ask him how much he paid for the hotels and meals when he was a guest of honour to the various countries and Presidents he visited during his term of office.

It is time for our politicians to come out clean if they really respect the very people who give them the mandate to rule them. CPP is risen, is now alive to give back what was stolen from the people, and this is their motto “Peace, Freedom, Justice and equality” once again.

Against this background, the ICPPF will like to call upon the rank and files of CPP to be sensitive to the cry of the ordinary people who are calling for a positive change. by abolishing the presidential aspirant and other fees, to ensure that their future leaders are not encumbered with financial debt to act as a catalyst for corruption.

Fellow Ghanaians, the CPP is a party with a healthy history. The Party made it once, and it will make it again. The Party made it without demanding any fees from their aspirants. CPP should not copy the: ”Winner takes all ideology of late”. The end result is nothing but corruption and the “Ex-Gratia” emoluments concocted by our lawyers and parliament to cheat the system.

If CPP will adopt this un-progressive tradition, it will undermine the very social democratic principles it stands for. By so doing, the winner will choose his running mate because he paid for it. The ICPPF urges the present CPP to consider creating a healthy culture that no other political party has ever dreamt off. CPP should be a party of the people, by the people and for the people. CPP should be a party that believes in its doctrines and promotes unity, freedom and love.

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