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01.07.2020 Headlines

Blatant Disregard For COVID-19 Protocols Disturbing—Mrs. Jackson

Blatant Disregard For COVID-19 Protocols Disturbing—Mrs. Jackson
LISTEN JUL 1, 2020

The Principal of Jackson College of Education (JCE), Mrs. Theodosia Jackson, has expressed grave concern about the blatant disregard for the COVID-19 safety protocols by Ghanaians despite the increasing cases being recorded across the country.

She said the level of recklessness in public places which are fertile grounds for the spread of the virus is disheartening and must be checked before the situation gets out of hand.

She could not fathom why people find it difficult to observe basic precautionary measures such as washing hands with soap under running water, using alcohol-based sanitizers, and social distancing in the face of the global pandemic.


“The coronavirus is real and the numbers keep increasing but people continue to disregard the safety protocols thereby putting everybody at risk”, she lamented.

Even more disturbing, according to her, is how the markets are no more observing social distancing like it used to be during the lockdown.

The situation, she noted, requires urgent attention to avert a spike and called on the various assemblies to take urgent steps to address the looming danger in our markets.

She said the local assemblies must step up their compliance efforts not only in the markets but also, other public places with a daily mass gathering of people to curb the spread of the virus.

She added, there was so much discipline in the markets during the lockdown period, but the current situation leaves much to be desired. She stressed the need to rekindle compliance in the national interest.

“The fight against the pandemic is a collective responsibility of all Ghanaians and I call on those in leadership positions such as chiefs, politicians, assembly members and the clergy to join the campaign against the disease”, she appealed.

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