14.05.2020 Poem

Sweet Taboo Poetry: Perturbed Nii [Episode 2]

By Richard Bansah
Sweet Taboo Poetry: Perturbed Nii [Episode 2]
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Ablah, Here I Come

In the alleys of my mind
I see a sweet silhouette
With contours in perfect proportions
I can hear the tingle of beads
Like the thud of raindrops
At the swing of that waist,
Or is it a dream?

How can I assuage this urge?
That I should hold on till the aisle
I surely can take the fall
To lose heaven for you
To weave my way 
Into your soft plushness
For the throbbing in-between 
Has lost its mind

Your beauty engulfs
I know I'm done
All the resistance has withered
The fear is gone
Emboldened to face your love
And to hold on to you forever

Only your warmth 
And your warmth alone
Can stop this desire
Bring me back to earth
And calm my heart

Your thigh gaps are a delight
The aperture to my heart
Taking aim like a gun
I see twin calabashes
And curved bows 
Uncovered by your bikini
Pestering my nights
With loneliness

In this welcomed nightmare
I lay waiting for that day
When my hot rod 
Will taste your paradise
Till you let out a loud scream
Of excitement

Ding Dong
This shan't stop
For Eden shall fall again,
Truly a sweet taboo

Nii Okai in Perturbation

Authored By: Richard Bansah, 13th May, 2020

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