5 Great Tips To Overcome Jetlag

Health & Fitness 5 Great Tips To Overcome Jetlag
MAR 22, 2016 LISTEN

Each time most people travel in an airplane, they come out feeling morose, worn out, disheveled, irritable and tired once they reach their destination . With a tight schedule, this can be a little unnerving. While there is no magic wand to rejuvenate you back to wholeness, there are some quick steps you can take to defeat jet lag as soon as possible., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal outline 5 steps.

Eat light meals
Eating heavy meals before a long flight will make you grumpy and the toilet can become your temporary abode during the flight. So meals should be consumed in smaller proportions. Light meals will allow you to sleep like a baby during the flight. Also do not travel on a hungry stomach, as hunger pangs can keep you uncomfortable as well.

Book a reliable airline
Arriving early to your destination offers you ample time to relax. However, this can be disrupted if you book with an unreliable airline. Your flight meant to take-off at 10:00 am can be moved till later or cancelled due to avoidable circumstances created by the airline. Many Nigerian travelers encounter this, especially with local airlines and need to be extra picky with domestic carriers.

Sleep on the plane
A nap on a plane goes a long way in beating jet lag. After all, the seats are designed in a way to help you sleep during a flight. When next you are travelling do not forget to take with you an eye mask and headphones.

Take a warm bath
After a long flight, you arrive home or at the hotel , dump your luggage, and fall like a log on your bed and activate sleeping mode. This is what many travellers do when they return. Instead of going to sleep immediately, it is better to immerse your body in a bathtub or take a hot cup of tea. This will definitely help you from feeling groggy the following day!

Drink lot of water
Normally, if you are not travelling, you should drink lots of water. Being hydrated keeps you in good shape thus preventing travel hangovers. Importantly, do not replace water with alcohol and stay away from sugary substances.

Ogunfowoke Adeniyi
Travel/Technology Writer

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