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Living Beyond The 5 Senses: The Importance Of Exercise

LISTEN JUL 17, 2015

The physical human body was meant to move. When it is not walking, running, stretching, and bending regularly, it does not function very well. Though movement is essential, more and more people are choosing to live sedentary lives. Choosing to have movement in one's life each and every day is in fact vital for the evolution of consciousness.

How physical movement occurs is a personal preference and as varied as there are practices. Playing a sport may bring the exact body conditioning that is right for one person but yoga may be right for another. Walking through the busy streets of a crowded city may be perfect for someone else, while a job requiring physical labour may keep another in physical labour may keep another in perfect balance.

Whatever the choice for keeping the body moving, we know it is right because along with food choices, the body finds its own equilibrium in terms of wellness and ideal body fat. If we store and carry more fat than is natural, this will cause it to be an imperfect filter for the senses and for transformation.

If an exercise program is chosen as part of one's practice then this should be undertaken in a natural way. If substances or exercises are used to enhance one's physical body for vanity, then this is not likely a feature for evolution or upliftment. Exercise for the mere purpose of keeping the body sexually attractive or for feeling superior to others should be made conscious.

Similarly, using exercise to numb feelings that need to be dealt with also needs to be put into awareness. The practice of exercise and movement then becomes about honoring the body and keeping it in its natural state for the purpose of wellness and advancement at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Equally important are the physical spaces we spend our time in, which affect the body greatly.

The body needs to spend time outdoors where the senses can interact with fresh air and sunlight. The natural environment has much to offer the transforming body and these interactions are essential in the transformational process. There is a reason that churches and temples over the centuries have included beautiful gardens and outdoor settings.

The entire human body changes when in the midst of nature; flowers, trees, birds, the wind, and sunlight are all beneficial to us and should be considered when choosing one's daily practice. Even in crowded cities one can choose to walk in a park or to simply be in the busy streets soaking up the sun and the elements.

While spending time outdoors, we can become cognizant to have direct contact with the earth itself, which is called direct contact with the earth itself, which is called direct contact with the earth itself, which is called grounding. Grounding is achieved by having bare feet directly touching the earth by walking on grass, sand, or soil. The reason this is so beneficial is that the earth itself has an electromagnetic resonance which happens to be that of the natural rhythm of the human body.

By having direct contact with the earth through the feet, the human body can become recalibrated by the earth. We get thrown off our natural rhythm by interacting in the world with negative emotions, fatigue, and stress. This can also occur by being exposed to pollution or multiple forms of electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phone use, mobile phone towers, wireless internet, and the like. Grounding is a phenomenal method for naturally balancing the body that has become lost in many cultures around the planet.

If environments are not conducive to walking barefoot because there are no exposed areas of grass or soil, or it is simply too cold for direct contact with the earth,

then a similar grounding effect occurs by soaking one's feet in water with natural sea salts. This simple yet valuable exercise can bring great rewards to all human bodies of all cultures, ages, and levels of wellness. Thinking of exercise as dynamic movement and choosing the environments in which to do this are vital for the evolution of consciousness.

The goal is to honour the body as much as possible so it can become a clear filter for sensing the world in which it is embedded; the world that is seen and unseen.


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