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04.02.2019 Opinion

Sex Abuse: The Right To Privacy Displaced on Media

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Sex Abuse: The Right To Privacy Displaced on Media
LISTEN FEB 4, 2019

Have you ever had an experience of your nude video or picture posted on media? How did it feel? How did the media take it? This is something that is very common on social media platforms especially Facebook. People feel they can upload any nude on media and get away with it. But should that be the case? Are there laws guarding people’s privacy? What’s worse, children on this platform are exposed to this and may indirectly affect their mental perspective reflections on sex.

Sexual abuse is a noteworthy issue appeared to influence the well-being and prosperity of people, families, networks, and society. In spite of the fact that there has been expanded regard for victim services, investigation, prosecution, and incarceration, there is a conscious need for all societal sectors to demonstrate an increased commitment to, or an interest in, the primary aversion of sexual abuse advanced on media.

With the advent of social media, reporters and the news media are never again the only medium in publishing or broadcasting information. Now, anyone can contribute to society’s understanding of this phenomenon. The part of the populace mostly associated with sexual abuse is, unfortunately, women and children.

All kids merit childhoods free from all manner of sexual abuse and exploitation. Without this well-being, we put our future in danger. Luckily, when we center on inventive and educational programs and approaches to forestall sexual abuse, we establish the foundation for kids to grow in a peaceful environment void sexual abuse and exploitation of any form.

In this way, it is the sole responsibility of the media to disseminate information that has to do with self-improvement and other educational projects to inform the populace of what they can do to protect themselves and their neighborhoods. They can begin a battle to stop sexual abuse via television or social media platform, thereby creating awareness of the social problem.

News editors should gatekeep any form of social abuse from getting to people in general. It is surprising to note that every day a nude picture of someone is being promoted from one platform to another. For starters, parents can start by monitoring children’s activities in the media and develop a third eye for their kids, especially in their various neighborhoods. The media can also help powerfully by starting a campaign of awareness creation.

There should be laid down policies regulating the distribution of sex videos and pictures of people which end up maligning their identities. Everyone is entitled to the right to privacy, in this manner, it is a crime to infringe on one’s right by uploading nude videos and pictures of people in the media. This is a matter that needs serious attention because it has become a household activity among Ghanaians.

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