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Opinion | Jan 14, 2019

Movie Review: This Is It

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Movie Review: This Is It

Have you thought of getting hitched at 23? Or on the other hand, running your home and business at 23? Think about the difficulties that run with it and even the apprehensions, that is taking cover behind your dubious dreams of being a decent and steady spouse. This is it is a Nigerian sentimental and dramatic TV series created by the very known LowlaDee.

It has kept running for two seasons from September 2016 until November 2017. It really began airing on the YouTube channel which won such a great amount of appreciation from people in the public domain. In spite of the fact that it began on the YouTube platform, it gradually sailed through to the television networks across Africa. This TV arrangement is one funny and intriguing story that is based on new marriage and the difficulties they experience grappling with their recently achieved status as wedded couples.

Tee, the lead is 27 with a Kanyen-Nigerian background, functions as a product engineer and recently got married to his delightful Dede, who is only 23. What is so entrancing is the way that Dede is just 23 and she needs to come to the terms of maintaining a home and a business at such a youthful age. To think even those wedded route over her age, experience most exceedingly bad difficulties, the possibility of a young woman having the capacity to deal with her distinction and welcome her new status is honorable. As this inexperienced couple confronts difficulties and endeavoring to comply with friends, families and themselves, LowlaDee, the author and maker of this astounding story reflected genuine life scenarios in marriages that could happen to anyone and depicted subtle ways to resolve some of these problems which may emit from early marriages.

Below is basically the cast in the movie.
Nick Mutuma Tomide (Tee)
Chy Nwakanma Dede Mwenda
Stan Nze Sam
Bimbo Ademoye Kerry
About the producer
LowlaDee founded Doreen Media Africa in 2014 and in 2016, she launched LowlaDee TV which premiered the television series, this is it.

Image Source: Youtube

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