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Break-The-Fast: 3 Reason Why

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Break-The-Fast: 3 Reason Why
LISTEN JAN 14, 2019

Breaking the-fast is a common phenomenon to describe a break in fast after a long night of good sleep. It is an important part of the morning that should not be missed what so ever. There is always a hysterical race to escape the traffic in the morning. However, due to the intense traffics faced on our roads, students and workers leave home very early to beat the traffic and most often forget to take breakfast. Most people get to work too late to even consider taking breakfast.

As per the Food and Nutrition Service, breakfast is regularly portrayed as the most vital meal of the day and accordingly, does not just provide important daily supplements, like protein, fiber, calcium, and carbohydrate but it likewise improves school and work performance.

Breakfast provides important nutrients for the body

In an ongoing report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), individuals who had breakfast were more physically dynamic amid the morning than the individuals who didn't. Breakfast furnishes people with vitality and basic supplements, including iron, calcium and Vitamins B and C, which are essential for development, improvement and good health. Individuals who have breakfast every day are significantly more liable to meet their daily nutritional requirement, as a decent quality breakfast can provide a person with up to a third of their daily nutrient needs.

Breakfast reduces the risk of obesity Having breakfast can likewise diminish the danger of overweight and/or obesity, as breakfast is frequently supplanted by mid-morning snacks that are generally high in fat, sugar, and salt. Skipping breakfast can also lead to overeating throughout the rest of the day, thereby, expanding the dangers of getting overweight or obese.

Having breakfast improves thinking and mind performance

Individuals who have had breakfast can think better and have a more extended ability to focus, helping them to ponder and perform better. They can likewise perform better physically in the wake of having breakfast as there is more vitality accessible to their muscles. Breakfast can enhance the mindset, as students have a better fixation and are not brain-drained or hungry.

Need some ideas with breakfast meals? Well, with the Ghanaian cultures, one can think of a few examples;

  • Hausa Koko - Bread/Koose - Fruits
  • Tom Brown - Bread/Egg - Fruits
  • Tea - Bread/Egg - Fruits

Breakfast is important. Stay the day right! Image Source: